Transformers: 5 Amazing Powers You Didn’t Know Optimus Prime Possess

Optimus Prime’s life and appearance totally depend on Michael Bay, from beginning to the end. All the ‘Transformers’ geeks and those who have only heard about the franchise must have heard about Optimus Prime. The day I was familiar with the franchise and didn’t watch a single movie, I knew Optimus Prime. See, that’s what I talking about. Optimus Prime has shown several powers like turning from a truck into a giant robot and fighting evil robots. The character has been around for 30 years and it has more powers than the shapeshifting one. So today, we bring you five powers that you did not know Optimus Prime had.

Beam Blasts From The Eyes

We have not seen the new one but Optimus Prime’s original version shows him throwing beam lights from his eyes, that means headlights. He could blow laser light from his eyes lie Cyclops, but could not reach the range of Cyclops. In am fight against Megatron, Optimus Prime takes the advantage of the depleting powers of the leader of Deception to knock him down with punches, but wait, punches are too old school. Prime uses his optic lasers and blows it on the Megatron’s face.

Optimus Prime Can Turn Into A Fire Engine

We have seen Optimus Prime that he turns into a long or semi-long truck. In the 2001 animated series Transformers: Robots in Disguise, which happens in the major cities like Tokyo and New York. It was fine until the fight takes place in a desert. Now the most prominent part is when a robot transforms into, and blends into a vehicle before again transforming into a robot to fight evil. We did not know Optimus prime had that.

The Power Stream

Optimus Prime’s ladder is a multi-purpose ladder. Out of its top, it fires missiles. And after this we wonder how the ladder would get the ammo when it can also shoot off power stream of water, shooting dual water jets from it. It is scary enough to scare the shit out of Decepticons. Now, where does this water come from? We are just going along with the elements of Transformers series. So, that’s a different power.

Flying Fist Punch

Optimus Prime deals with Megatron and his gang of beast-bots in the first episode of Robots in Disguise. When it does not work out well, the villain gives a Hurricane Shockwave attack to debilitate the leader of Autobot. And then series’ sidekick, Koji appears in the scene. Meanwhile, Prime gives a fist flying attack by activating the gear in his truck. The attack involved a ladder which acted like a cannon to launch the attack like a missile.

Super Mode With Three Robots 

Transformers Optimus Prime

We have seen Optimus Prime’s super mode in ‘Robots in Disguise’, but in 2002’s Transformers: Armada, the creator takes Prime’s super mode to a next level. Joining his own truck body was enough for Optimus Prime to get into the super mode. Now he combined three robots to get into the super mode. ‘Jefire’ combines to Prime’s legs to give him Jet Optimus; Overload joins his body to give him bigger cannons and Con Buddy props him up with additional firepowers. That is so cool.

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