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    Non-Marvel Movies And Series Starring Your Favorite MCU Actors

    Movies and Series Starring MCU Actors: Not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but these stars have nailed many movies outside the production house. Some of them may have already retired from MCU, but their stardom and unbeatable talent promise to shine on the screens for more decades to come. These MCU actors are considered in the top list of actors…

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    5 Epic Series You MUST Watch

      While the current shows are great and amazingly addictive, a trip down memory lane is always fun. Here are the five shows with amazing plots, quirky dialogues and witty one-liners that made the audience fall in love with them. Friends: This show needs no introduction. Not just in America, this show has its strong fan base all over the…

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    10 Special Moments from TVF Pitchers Season Finale

    I know. I know. Your head is saying Lol! Just 10? Cheers to the best Indian series ever! Zero is the new Hero! After the finale’s release, gone are the days when anyone would be offended on being called a zero. Post Pitchers the interpretation of zeroes has changed forever. The world is going to see it through Mandal’s eyes…

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