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5 Quotes On Love Which Comforts The Contort Soul

Love is all around, in the winds, in the blazes, in the animals we love or in the nemesis we used to befriend with.
get in the flow with the nano-tales, to experience the comforters of love in the states of contritions and emotions.

You’ll always be the one what my heart desires for.

Isn’t it’s something what we always say to those without whom we’re going to part our ways? Or to those people who from the lands of no-where becomes our friend, then an infatuation, a crush and then the love of our life.


In love, you don’t need to lose yourself. You should find your another self instead.

Love is not the game of wits, and thus in love try searching for your doppelganger who understands you from the deep within.

He is like a drug to me, hard to resist even harder to achieve.

Those girls out there who are still shy in accepting their love to their dire consummate, this one’s for you. But, honestly, drugs could be good at times, like simply and gently they just tranquilizes the pain deep within.

Even a parenthesis is incomplete without the summation of 2 brackets!

Just like there is no clap without 2 hands, there is no parenthesis without 2 brackets, living alone is as painful as living in the hopes of a dead to return.

We don’t pick who we fall in Love with and then they never rise in love with us!

True. We never get to choose with whom we fall in Love with, but come on, let’s give love and life a chance, may be these contorting winds bring your comforter with them.

So, just Cherish those moments with the one you love,  may be they never come back the way they were supposed to be.

Pulin Goyal

Pulin Goyal is an aspiring writer who is very enthusiast about nanotales and like to write love-fantasy stories. Apart from his writing work, he is pursuing his degree course in B.Sc. (H) Biological Sciences at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. Apart from that his favorite subject is sarcasm and loves studying it deeper and Better. Pulin is a coffee addict and has a zeal to learn and turn human psych in a better way, he loves to debate and counsel people and is quite known for making new friends and breaking stigmas of the society.
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