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9 Things Every Child Grown Up Enough Must Tell Their Parents Now

As we all grow up, our parents grow old. They tend to have insecurities and breakdowns just as we did while we were still children. At moments like these, they must be reminded that they are well loved by their children and they have raised us right. Go tell them these 9 things right away and make them happy until the last moment you spend with them.

Thank You


As children, our parents fulfill each one of our dreams. There’s never anything left out of our wishes that aren’t fulfilled. Not that we will ever be able to thank them for everything they have done until now or everything they will be doing in the years to come, but it would make them smile for a long time if we’d say it every once in a while. They would love to know that we cherish whatever they do for us.

I Love You

We know that we love them way too much but hesitate to say it. Why? Did they ever hesitate to say that they love us after every goodnight kiss? Did they ever feel that they shouldn’t say it as much? Did they ever let us go to sleep without telling us they love us? Why should we do that then? Tell them you love them every night. nothing will give them a better sleep than that.

I Wish I Am Able To Raise My Child Like You Raised Me

Say that and they will be proud of the way they have raised you. They will love you even more every day and will make even better efforts. They will make sure that you come out as an even better parent than them. Yet, tell them that they have raised you right and you love them for that.

I Am Proud Of You

So do we all not love to know that someone is proud of us? Whatever we do, we wait for our parents to be proud of us the most. However old do we grow, we will still love to be appreciated by our loved ones. Trust me that our parents would be happier doing whatever they do knowing that we are proud of them. That makes all the difference.

I Wish I Could Be A Child Again So I Could Have That Time With You Again

There are so many moments that we have spent as children with our parents that we know nothing about though we’d love to live them to remember them. However, they remember it all. Tell them that you surely cherished all those moments and would love to have them once again so even you could remember them the way they do. It will make them feel too special.

I Will Miss You When I Am Away

There sure comes a time when we grow apart from our parents, at least physically. Maybe because of higher studies or to make something big of ourselves. They would never want to be the reason to come in between of your success and happiness so would never say a word. We all love our dreams so we can’t stay with them forever but just to tell them that you will really miss them when you are away will brighten their day and they will have the strength to let you go.

There’s No Better Teaching Than Those That You Gave Me

They have taught us so much in all these years. Whatever we are today is because of what they taught us and how they raised us. If you believe that you are a great person and a good human being, it is because of your parents. Tell them about it. Sure it is better to show such things but words have their own power too. Show them that you love them and are proud to be their children.

When You’re Old, I Will Still Be With You. Always

Ageing shall never mean separation. Let your parents know that when they are old and you are successful, you are not going to forget them. You will still be with them as much as you were when you were a kid, even more than they were with you when you were growing up. Tell them that you will always want to take care of them as they took care of you.
Tell them that it won’t matter if they would be dependent on you. Instead, that will be the happy part about it. Tell them that you will always be with them, no matter what.

I Promise I’ll Take Care Of You

Don’t say it just to say it. Promise them that you really will take care of them the way they did when you were sick or when you hated yourself or when you went through a hard time. Tell them that you will look after them even more than they looked after you. Tell them that they will never have to worry about anything and I assure you that they will never lose a smile from their face.


Shubhrika Dogra

Shubhrika is an emotional person and portrays that in her words. She is a coffee lover and hence an intrigued writer. She loves to play with words and twist them as much as she can, that is her way of writing. But mostly, she loves creating suspense in her writing. She would never let the real story come out until the last part of her writings. Writing is her life and her heartbeat.
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