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5 People You Wish You Never Met


There are many people we encounter in our lives. Some of them become are close friends while the others remain at the periphery of our social circle but still affect us in many ways. As we grow older, we learn who to trust, who to ditch, who to keep, and who to stay away from. Here is a list of some exasperating people you will definitely meet and regret meeting at least once in your life.

  1. “I Need a Favor”


Does the title sound familiar? Have you heard this phrase often from that ONE person? If yes, congratulations, you have an annoying person in your life. These people are some of the weirdest creatures I have ever met. They seem to have no conscience, no guilt, no feelings for another individual. Their energies are focused solely on obtaining what is best for them.

They live in a tiny bubble and suck out everyone else’s resources and add it in this very bubble. Every time they come to talk to you, it is because they need something. The first time they asked you for a favor, you kindly helped them out because you’re a good person.

Well I’m sorry my friend, ever since then, they’ve had you hooked. They will now come to you every time, flatter and stroke your ego till you do what they want. It is only if you have strong willpower that you can escape these monsters. All the best!


  1. “Does S/he Like Me?”


In their own precious cave, these people love to flatter themselves. They enjoy fantasizing about things that never occurred and often engage in frequent exaggerations of small, normal gestures. Their heads are filled with romance (maybe a result of watching too many chick flicks) and every boy/girl they are attracted to apparently MUST fall for them too.

If they meet someone new, they will be sure to rush home, call you up and talk about the handshake they shared in great detail. This will then lead to a detailed discussion about the other person’s facial features, height, estimated weight, body shape, and whatnot. Once everything has been discussed, the million dollar question arises, “does s/he like me?”. In most situations involving these people, can I say you’re left banging your head on a wall and wishing they were dead?


  1. Attention Seeker


Some people can automatically get attention directed towards them just because of the amazing personality they have. Others? Not so much. They feel the need to constantly prove to the world (and even to themselves) that they are very important, funny and that their problems are of utmost importance.

They indulge in behaviors not different from those of monkeys, constantly screeching and jumping around trying to get everyone’s attention. They think they are the lovable jokers of their class, but alas, who would tell them the truth?

Instead we let them do their thing, we smile once in a while to satisfy their starved ego but majority of the time we’re looking ahead and ignoring them, hoping they stop their antics soon.



  1. Walking Inferiority Complex


At some point I feel bad for these people, but at the same time I wish they never met me. I understand everyone goes through periods of inferiority and questioning their life’s meaning and purpose but to have that phase last your whole life?

No, I don’t think I can handle that. These people have a lot of anxiety about themselves and their work. They are unable to realize that they are good at what they do. They are in constant need of compliments and ego stroking.

They need confirmation that they are good enough or pretty enough or kind enough. It can be exhausting to have these people in one’s social circle, as after all we have our own inferiority phases, imagine having to handle another person’s too.


  1. Ms/Mr. Perfect


These people haven’t done anything to you. They have never said anything that was mean or hurtful. They haven’t used you or even leeched onto you. But for some reason they are ANNOYING. Why? Because they’re perfect at everything they do (or atleast it seems).

These people know how to handle every situation perfectly. They know exactly what to say when someone is grieving, when someone feels they’re fat, when someone has had their heart broken, and much more.

Even if they are going through some internal turmoil, it never shows on their face. They are always calm and composed. One feels like shattering their aura but of course it’s impossible as they are magnetic people and one feels drawn to them instantly.

M. Megha

A passionate writer, artist, movie buff and a hard core non vegetarian, she enjoys trying new and different things. Comedy and thriller movies are her sources of comfort. A student of psychology, she finds the subject fascinating and often incorporates it into the occasional fictional pieces she pens down.
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