Nabojyoti Sarkar

Nabojyoti Sarkar

True blue Bengali at heart, avid traveler by passion and techie by profession. He has earned enough to afford a wife, the biggest gift to manhood. He is at that juncture of life where his arteries are slowly getting clogged due to his lifestyle. He loves having lengthy discussions and has an opinion about almost everything on the face of earth starting from religion to egg roll and everything in between.
  • Feb- 2016 -
    12 February
    Sex & Relationships

    Did you know that Bongs have their very own Valentine’s Day? Read on.

    It was only during the late nineties and early millennium, when we Indians started celebrating Valentine’s Day. Movies and television serials started glorifying and consumer based companies found a tremendous business opportunity in the nation’s newfound fad. Over the next few years, it proved to be more than a fad, and has now become a national festival of epic proportions.…

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  • 5 February

    Hampi: History, Hippie, Happiness

      Hampi, situated on the crossroads of historical marvels and laid-back hippie culture is a must visit for your next weekend. The place provides an eclectic mix of all things essential for a perfect holiday. Located at a distance of an overnight journey (that’s how to usually measure distance in India) from cities like Mumbai – Hyderabad – Bengaluru, this…

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