Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

A bold and trained swimmer, painting and sketching enthusiast. Private cooking aficionado. I am science lover, health conscious, and nature lover. Animal lover. Being a law student I love to read between the lines and make out points which are not so obvious. I love travelling to new places; hanging out with friends, explore new cultures. I am peace lover and like to spent quarter of my time sitting alone. Car enthusiastic, Mustang lover. I AM NOT SPECIAL I AM JUST A LIMITED EDITION.
  • Jun- 2016 -
    5 June

    American Gods Got New Cast Member: Gillian Anderson

    American Gods is an upcoming TV series, based on the novel named American Gods written by the author Neil Gaiman. FremantleMedia North America and Starz are the ones responsible for its production and they are still adjusting to major cast changes. According to the Variety reporting Gillian Anderson, the iconic star of The X-Files will be the part of the…

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  • 4 June
    NewsMozart in the Jungle

    Monica Bellucci To Appear In The Third Season Of The Mozart In The Jungle

    According to the recent announcement made by Amazon, Monica Bellucci from Spectre will appear as a guest star in the season 3 of the Mozart in the Jungle. The same series is also the winner of Golden Globe Award. Monica Bellucci will play the role of an iconic opera star named Alessandra who will later become Rodrigo’s, originally Gael Garcia…

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  • 3 June
    Newsjulie greenroom

    Julie Andrews To Star In Julie’s Greenroom

    Award-winning actress Julie Andrews will star in Netflix and Henson series – Julie’s Greenroom, a new primary school show featuring kids in the form of puppets, learning and performing arts under the guidance of The Jim Henson Company. There will be total thirteen episodes of thirty minute each, the premier worldwide on Netflix in early 2017. Julie Andrews, the creator…

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  • May- 2016 -
    27 May

    10 Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods For Bodybuilding

    Usually, people think that non-vegetarian food is the only source of rich protein and fibres. But this fact is not true even vegetarian food items are rich in protein and fibres. Vegetarian protein sources are cholesterol-free, fat-free and high in fibre. Here is the list of top 10 vegetarian protein rich foods, which will help bodybuilders in gaining muscles. 1)…

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  • 27 May

    The 10 Most Significant Cars Of All Time

    People are passionate about cars from time immemorial. The year 1886 was regarded as the birth year of the modern car. From 1886, many cars came and many gone, but some cars were able to maintain their position and able to bring revolution in the development of future cars. These cars were a symbol of style, statement, comfort, luxury, speed…

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  • 27 May
    BeautyGlowing Skin

    7 Ways To Get Clear Glowing Skin Naturally

    Every individual whether male or female desires clear, bright and glowing skin and for that, they use a variety of cosmetic products, which not only cost them financially but also have an adverse effect on the skin. Cosmetic products sometimes instead of making skin more clear and glowing, creates more problems in the form of pimples, dark circles etc. Here…

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  • 26 May
    Sex & Relationshipsgujarati girls

    7 Reasons Why Gujarati Girls Are Best To Date

    Every boy desires a girlfriend, one who understands him, takes care of him, helps him in his bad times and always act as his companion. Boys always found difficulty in choosing a right girl partner for them. Here are 7 reasons which make Gujarati girls best to date among all other girls.   Dressing Sense Gujarati girls have the best…

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