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5 Important Things to Remember in FRIENDSHIP

“A real friend is one who walks in when rest of the world walks out.”


Everyone needs a social life. Well, atleast that’s what Maslow’s Hierarchy Model of Motivation says. It is not necessary that the person with whom you share every detail is your best friend, or your best friend should be of your age or gender only. Even a mother /daughter can be best friends, or a boy and a girl can be best friends. We meet many people in our lives and we make many friends but it is difficult to say sometimes who is your “Best Friend”. We need a companion with somewhat similar mind-sets, with whom we can share any random stuff i.e. from serious problems to normal chit-chat, to have an emotional cushion at the time of need.

But does it work for all? Answer is NO. It doesn’t work every time. We need to think of practical techniques for lasting bonds of “friendship”:


Everyone needs some personal “SPACE” in friendship


You must learn to give SPACE even to your best friend. If your best friend is not there with you at the time of need, that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t care for you anymore.

Don’t Harbor huge expectations


Don’t EXPECT too much from your friends. When you don’t expect much from them, you will start to accept many things.

Don’t be completely dependent on one relationship


Don’t be DEPENDENT on a given relationship. There are few battles which you should fight alone. There comes a time when you both need to choose different paths in your life.

Have faith in your friendship


Being best friends doesn’t mean you have to meet or talk everyday. It is not a contract. There is no harm if you meet your best friend after a week or a month. She/he is still your best friend. It works. Trust me.

Respect other’s point of view


Sometimes it is not necessary that you both have similar views ,but that doesn’t mean that it is making your friendship sour. Learn to listen and see his/her point of view as well.


“One of the best quality in True Friendship is to understand and to be understood”.

Ruparna Ghosh

The Leo Bong girl who loves to eat punjabi cuisine. Loves to read,drive, travel and eat. Loves to help those who tries their best.
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