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    20 Best Quotes From Lord Of The Rings That Are Full Of Wisdom

    Lord of the Rings is an epic masterpiece in the fantasy genre, directed by Peter Jackson. The franchise will live on for ages. Ian McKellen pulled off a remarkable performance as Gandalf who helped Frodo realize his destiny. If you have read The Lord of the Rings or watched the movies you would know that the series beat Harry Potter…

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    5 Mantras of Friendship That You Should Practice In Life

    Friendship is the most beautiful that we all can have and cherish. It is often less complicated than love and more flexible. It is something we can choose and enjoy forever if both sides respect one another. A Friend is someone who stands beside you when the whole world is against you. He will fight for you in times of…

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    8 Must do Things With Your Bestie

    S/he knows when you are happy and when you are sad….your Bestie is the one who knows you in and out. You can do some of the craziest things together and can later laugh at it. They are a big time stress buster. They share your sorrows, happiness, make fun of you, and make fun of you. You cannot think…

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    4 Things You’ll Understand If You Have A Long-Distance Bestfriend

    You swear you’ll always keep in touch, and you’ll never let your friendship diminish. After all, you’ve been through the ups and downs of adolescence together, shared everything with each other, and always been support systems for each other. You have so many memories together : funny ones, good ones, embarrassing ones, and plain weird ones. But things inevitably change…

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    5 Important Things to Remember in FRIENDSHIP

    “A real friend is one who walks in when rest of the world walks out.”   Everyone needs a social life. Well, atleast that’s what Maslow’s Hierarchy Model of Motivation says. It is not necessary that the person with whom you share every detail is your best friend, or your best friend should be of your age or gender only.…

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    Five Things you Can Gift to your Friends this Friendship Day.

    It is said truly, “A person cries most on the first day of the school and the graduation day” A life changing decision taken by our parents is to drop us down from the cradle of their arms and push us into gates where monsters are waiting for us. A kid cries his heart out, curses their parents, hates the…

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