5 Mantras of Friendship That You Should Practice In Life

Friendship is the most beautiful that we all can have and cherish. It is often less complicated than love and more flexible. It is something we can choose and enjoy forever if both sides respect one another.

A Friend is someone who stands beside you when the whole world is against you. He will fight for you in times of crisis, console you in moments of loss, fetch for you in times of scarcity and advise you in moments of doubt. If we consider someone as our friend, then he will always be there when you need him the most, else he is just an acquaintance at best or a stranger at worst. As the saying goes: “A Friend in Need is A Friend Indeed”. For instance, Center Fresh is our true friend as it gives us fresh breath anywhere, anytime.

Here’re the mantras that you must observe and practice in real life to have lasting friendships:

Fights are inevitable but they are also what make Friendship so much fun:

Go watch this video and see how these 2 friends fight it out over where to go on a holiday!

Although they seem to disagree on almost everything hen it comes to cooling it down, their choice is clear. Find out what is it!

Don’t harbor sky-high expectations:

We all expect certain things from our friends, but we need to be reasonable in our approach. If we expect the world from them, then we may well be in for a disappointment. Moreover, friendship is two-sided, do think if you have done or willing to do the same for your friend.

Stop Being Judgmental:

If we start to judge our friends based on our personal beliefs or value systems, then friendship most certainly won’t last for long. We need to focus on the positives and be more accommodative of different points of views.

Be Understanding:

The most important element of true friendship is that you become more understanding as you grow and mature. You need to give your friend the space he/she needs and still be there at the time of need.

Don’t develop pre-conceived notions:

Friendships must be like painting on a clean canvas, instead of already having imagined an image. The destiny of friendship must be determined by the experiences, not by the fixed definitions of what is friendship.


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