10 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Stress

“Stress” this is the culprit, the main root cause of every problem and what is amusing is that today, everybody has it, every single person has stress. No wonder we have all become crazy annoyed beings frustrated always! We need to understand that stress is harmful, oh yes it is, and it works in insidious ways and demolishes everything peaceful. We need to get out of it and no matter how important or how difficult it is, we need to END the STRESS including whatever it is that is causing this monster to take birth needs to be ended right there and then without mercy! So, in this part-2 of the Anti-stress post, here are some tried and tested ways to help you get out of stress and get a fresh breath, you really need it and it is definitely worth it! It is time to “Let it go”.

(p.s. – recap: Part 1 was the negative effects of this stress monster, go check it!)

1. Meditate

Well, you would have heard it a lot and tossed the whole idea of meditation right into the bin but hey, hey, give it a chance and it won’t let you down! Snatch away an hour from your routine and if not an hour just 30 minutes and relax! Don’t know how to meditate well, lord YouTube has all the answers, lazy enough to go check, (well, yeah that’s why reading this blog) then just sit with a straight back and folded legs (the meditation pose) and chant OM. Forget about everything and chant OM loudly and you’ll feel refreshed! This word is really magical.

2. Breathe In And Breathe Out

This is a clichéd one and you must have known it, yeah right, but what you don’t realize is that it really works! Whenever you feel everything is rushing out, you are losing all the control, everything is a chaos, in short, you are super stressed, just STOP, you need to STOP for a few moments and then just take deep breaths, breathe all positivity in and negativity out, remember it is easy, BREATHE IN AND BREATHE OUT, this is the mantra you need to keep in mind ALWAYS.

3. Social Intoxication

Well, nothing serious! Don’t worry, not a medical procedure, but a procedure to take seriously! Yes, you have data packs, yes you have Wi-Fi but, you also have STRESS. Intoxicate the too much addiction to social media and yes, WhatsApp comes in it, don’t be smart! Although it is difficult so, just take it slow. Start with keeping your Wi-Fi or data off and break away from all your smart gadgets, Smartphone and laptops for some time once in a while, but who will work then? Yeah right, how about night time or once you are off your work? Give yourself a break and no matter how hard you deny but more than 50% of stress is coming from there, yes more than 50%. Intoxicate yourself, keep a distance and observe the stress vanishing away. And yes be strict, you can’t cheat, take break guys from everything and spend that time either with family or a nice relaxing book or movie, anything that de-stresses you!

4. Write It Down And Throw It Away

A very literal way of throwing away all your stress in this method! Write all your worries and stress on a sheet of paper and all your frustrations, and then roll that sheet into a ball with all the force of your stress and make a tiny lil ball of it, yes that’s how powerful you are, and that’s how weak your stress is! And then throw the filthy thing in the dustbin and watch your stress go! (psst. You can burn it too just so if you are too mad at your stress).

5. Talk It Out

Talk it out, talk with your friends, your mom, your sister or anyone who listens and consoles and let yourself breathe. Keeping it all in is quite a task and a huge burden, and hey you cannot keep it all to yourself, you need to talk it out and let it go!

6. Play

Yes, yes I am serious! Play some outdoor games in the morning or at night and calm your body and mind. Remember that quote, “Healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind”, and games will definitely help your mind and body to relax. Be it any game, outdoor or indoor just play and it will be your daily dose of exercise too!

7. Family Time

We all grow up and get busy with our own lives and routines but one is never too old to spend some time with your family, your parents or grandparents or even the little kids. It is the best stress buster and it is sure to work. Inculcate this in your routine and see the difference.

8. Early To Bed

Okay, you are a late night owl but, set a time limit for yourself. The body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep and nothing can compensate the night-time de-stressing sleep. Try this for one week and you will see the difference, yes it will be difficult but not impossible and nobody is forcing you to go to sleep at 8 come on, but at the right time. Do not stay awake the whole absolutely no! And try to make an early to bed regime and stick to it, make a high limit and do not let yourself stay awake after that!

9. Eat Healthy

Do not skip meals and do not leave unfinished meals. No matter how stressed and busy you, do not permit it to interfere in your meals. Eat right and eat on time, DO NOT SKIP. This is the easiest one you just have to eat healthily!

10. Music

There’s nothing music cannot heal, whenever stressed, just close your eyes and shut out everything, throw your phone out of the window (or maybe just switch it off) and let yourself on a musical treat. Listen to inspirational, soulful light melodies and if songs bother you, go for just music and instrumentals. Untwine, unwind and let the stress dance away with all your worries!

Guys, being busy is cool but letting that burden you and letting that creepy monstrous stress in your peaceful is not cool. Actually, “the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”. It is a virus which will corrupt your system completely and beyond repair!  Just stop running for a moment and sit back doing nothing. A stop is necessary and stability is really the need of the hour and gets it in your life! And a piece of advice, take some time off and just throw away anything and everything that causes stress, there’s nothing more important than your peace of mind and mental health because “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

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