10 Terrible Things That Marvel Universe Has Done To Hulk

There are a lot of bad things that Marvel has done to the Hulk, some of which are not so bad while the others are terrible. Here are some of them listed:

Sent Into Space By Tony Stark

Thor Ragnarok

Due to Hulk’s uncontrolled fury and power, he has caused a lot of devastation alongside his good deeds. Thus, Iron man tricked to send him to space. This decision infuriated him and he then sought to revenge. Hence he ended up killing numerous innocent lives, all because of Iron Man.

His Character In Old Man Logan

In “ Old Man Logan” Hulk gang demands money from an area’s residents and kills them if they fail to pay. Wolverine was once targeted to feed hulk with the money, which old Logan was struggling to pay. Hence Hulk threatens his family and sends Wolverine away. Wolverine returns only to find out that his wife and two children have been killed because the gang was getting “bored”.

Made Him Betray His Pals

Sure the Hulk is someone who isn’t always a good guy or in control, but there is a limit too, to which you exploit a character. He has on multiple occasions made to be his friends’ enemies. Once made to be a cannibal, once made to be the Apocalypse’s horseman, once the infamous villain of Old Man Logan and many more things.

Got Killed By His Own Teammate

Civil War 2, too had a lot of stuff going on in it. Be it Captain Marvel going against Iron Man and falling for Rhodey, or be it Ulysses’ visions. Ulysses’s powers were something that leads to some various terrible events in the Civil War 2 storyline. One of them is a vision showing Miles Morales killing Captain America while one has the Hulk destroying the world, which when is known by Hawkeye he tracks Hulk down and shoots him while he is in his Bruce banner form.

Doc Green

This is that version of the Doc Green, which is shown in the ‘Future Imperfect’ series by Peter David. This version of Hulk had taken over the World and killed off all the heroes. His powers here came from his madness and also had an upper limit to it. Not just that this version was every reason because of which the Doc Green Version stopped taking Extremis from Tony Stark.

Replaced Him Multiple Times

Be it Amadeus Cho, or Rick Jones or She Hulk, there are a lot of people who have taken up the mantle of Hulk which is not a good thing as the popularity of the main hero decreases this way with time.

Made Him Suicidal

Can you recollect the scene where Bruce Banner talks about his suicide attempt where he tried to blow his brains out but the “other guy” just spitted it out? Yeah, well this is a full-fledged scene in the Incredible Hulk. But it had a lot more than just what Banner’s comment said about it. There he then turns into the Hulk and crushes the gun with his hands.

He Got Used By Umar


Yeah, He has banged the sister of Dormammu. Though he was not so much in his senses or didn’t even dominate. It was Umar who was doing it all, she wanted to do it “with the strongest one” The two banged so hard that they even bent reality. Hulk-Smash. But it would have been good, if he ween’t a plaything for her. Yewh, she actually made him into her doll.

He Was Made To Kill Captain America

This is at the time of the “Age of X” story, where a version of Steve Rogers is on the team meant to hunt the mutants. But as he’s Cap he has a change of heart after seeing Mystique die protecting the mutant children he now tries to protect and save the mutants. This makes Cap’s seniors very unhappy and they send a team to hunt Cap. The team has an unbalanced Hulk, who mad with rage fights Cap and kills Susan Storm. Cap loses his leg and bleeds out while Hulk fights others.

Made Him Bang His Cousin

Okay, this one is a bit, Game Of Thrones-ish point, as it has a lot of babies, about thirty that come from the incest of the two green angry monsters. This happens in Old Man Logan, where She can’t be seen but is talked about in the past tense.

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