6 Movie Details You Definitely Missed

It doesn’t matter with how much concentration you watch a movie but you still miss minute details, mistakes or plots that directors placed into the movies for a purpose of an extra laugh or a mind-bending twist. Here are 6 Movie Details You Definitely Missed.

1) Inception

Even die-hard fans of this movie may have missed one of the Inception’s most brilliant touches. Throughout the movie, the team used a single song as s signal to wake up, with the music growing louder and deeper as it travels down through layers of dreams. Audiences may not have noticed that the entire movie’s score is built from the same song.

2) Total Recall

This sci-fi movie adventure was playing with some tricks that nobody noticed. When a blue collar worker of the future pays to have thrilling memories of a top secret mission to Mars planted in his brain, his real memories return’s sending him on an adventure to Mars. Fans have debated whether the film is real or all in the hero’s head.

3) Fast Five

Introduced as a new character in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, the unshakable Han, played by actor Sung Kang, would go on to become the main player in future films, referred to only by his first name. Director Justin Lin’s unofficial prequel Better Luck Tomorrow starred Kang as Han Lue, but in Fast 5 revealed his full name Han Seoul-oh.

4) Godzilla


The classified reports censored to conceal everything but a cast or crew member’s name is clever, but a closer look reveals nearly every one of them to be the butt of a joke.

5) Lord of the Rings

Removing Boromir’s leather vambraces before sending his body on to Gondor, Aragorn goes on to sport the forearm guards for the next two films. a fact never called out or noted by any character.

6) Jurassic Park

jurassic park t rex first (1)
Steven Speilberg has a knack for terrifying moviegoers with monsters neither seen nor heard, first with the great white shark of Jaws, and later, Jurassic Park. When Jurassic Park programmer Dennis Nedry enjoyed the mask of the big animals on his computer screens.

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