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Tilda Lindstam is a Swedish model by day and a party vampire by night. It’s her teeth that make her a vampire, but it is not her occupation or her teeth that define her. No, it’s her amazing personality and her sense of humor.

While all the models want to look poised, elegant, beautiful and all that shit, Tilda is the one who can’t spare a moment to worry about all that fuss. I’m not making this up. I mean, look at her Instagram profile picture for a moment.


Is that the profile picture of someone who cares? No.

Her Instagram account is so funny and relatable; she is also comfortable with all her flaws that it is the most inspiring and admiring thing that you’ll see. It is her Instagram account, @tildalindstam, that will make you believe that not all models are rude and arrogant, and that they can also be carefree and humble.

She will make you believe in the humanity once again. She will make your shitty day good and your good day better.

The following are some of the masterpieces that Tilda has bestowed upon the world to see and cherish. Tilda is teaching us that models are normal people too.









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