Moon Knight Introduced A Weapon Even Stronger Than Mjolnir and Gungnir

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always referenced some of the weapons as the most essential items in their universe. Over the years we have gotten to see a variety of such weapons ranging from the godly to the ones made by Tony Stark himself. These have had an impact on the narrative of certain character arcs and at the same time on some characters as a whole. With each new project as a new character is introduced, we get to witness a whole new weapon entering the narrative and it only gets more powerful. It seems that the Disney+ series Moon Knight has managed to introduce a weapon that is quite a lot more powerful than the Mjolnir and Gungnir.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Each character in the MCU has an essential item associated with them and often these items are some of the most valuable weapons in the universe. When it comes to the Iron Man we have the suit, Captain America has his shield, even though he has proved that he can survive without it very well, and Hawkeye has his bow and arrow (we are not counting Ronin’s sword). But amongst all these, the best weapon has to be Thor’s hammer. Fans might remember how most of the arc of the God of Thunder is based around him being able to be worthy of his weapon. Things took a very interesting turn going ahead in the arc of Thor and his relationship with Mjolnir.


Mjolnir and Gungnir

While the first two movies in Thor’s arc saw him trying to be worthy of wielding Mjolnir, the third entry saw the destruction of the weapon by Hela. This ended some of the biggest theories fans had regarding the weapon. Later we do get to see the Mjolnir making an epic comeback when the weapon is wielded by Captain America himself during his fight with Thanos. Another weapon made from Uru made an appearance as a symbol in the MCU, the Gungnir. It was assumed that the owner of the weapon was probably in power and it has probably been lost following the events of Thor: Ragnarok.


A New Powerful Weapon

Even though both Mjolnir and Gungnir have been destroyed in the MCU, they remain two of the most powerful weapons in the MCU. Now it seems that a whole new weapon has made its way into the franchise with the primary antagonist of Moon Knight wielding it. Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow goes around carrying a staff that seems to have quite a lot of interesting powers that have been underlooked in the MCU. The character stated that it is called the Staff of Ammit and it can harness the powers of Ammit/Ammut. Its potential was first put on the display when it was swung back and forth in order to judge the morals of the members of his followers.


Things are taken to a whole new level in the second episode as we get to see a lot more than we might have expected. This time around we find that the staff is still linked with Ammit and could be a means of approaching the god. That clearly goes to show that this is something quite closer to the likes of Mjolnir or other weapons that have been used to summon godlike powers.


This might not be the last time we get to witness some weapon of the likes of this stuff as many new weapons are being added to the franchise. Recently, we also got to see the Ten Rings making their MCU debut and it is yet not clear what their true origin is. Moon Knight premieres new episodes every week on Disney+.

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