10 Times The Joker Absolutely Destroyed Superheroes

The Clown Prince of Crime is one hell of a villain. Ranked almost every time as the Number One in IGN’s top ten villains list speaks volumes about him. He is not evil for the money or the women. He is evil out of choice. No one forces him to be the Bad Guy. He just likes to be one. With only his wits and cunning, the Joker has wrecked havoc in the lives of beings much more powerful than him. Let us have a look at the superheroes Joker has broken.

10. Superman – Injustice

In Injustice, Metropolis – Superman’s city, is destroyed by a nuclear bomb planted none other than the Joker. As he laughs hysterically at Supes inability to save his own city, Superman flies him into outer space and kills him. Only later does he realize it was not Joker he killed but a pregnant Lois Lane. The Joker had used a hallucinogen to trick the Man of Steel into killing his own wife.

9. Aquaman

In Legends of the DC Universe #26 and #27, the Joker enters Atlantis while escaping the Dark Knight. He then poses himself as the king of the Surface World here on a mission to provide the cure to an epidemic gripping the underwater nation. The populace of Atlantis somehow rally behind the Joker and almost topple Aquaman from the throne of Atlantis.

8. Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman #96-97, Wonder Woman is busy trying to stop a deadly gang war going on in her city. Enter Joker. He manages to escalate the battle to insane new levels. When Wonder Woman tries to stop her, she is infected by a special Joker Venom that drives her insane. Diana escapes Joker’s clutches by asking Pan, a Greek God, to make her more insane than the Joker himself.

7. Robin

Not once has a story made such an impact in Batman’s life as Death in the Family. Jason Todd, the then Robin to Batman, is captured by Joker and tortured. Joker uses all sorts of tools to make the boy scream. As a last resort, Joker mercilessly beats Jason Todd to death with a crowbar. Jason Todd resurfaces later as the Red Hood but the traumatic experiences have turned the Boy Wonder into a violent anti-hero.

6. The Atom

Ray Palmer has recently become popular thanks to The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow TV Show. In the comics though, he has had his fair share of adventures already. One time the Atom shrinked himself and entered the Joker’s mind while the Clown Prince of Crime was on his deathbedd. The Joker’s mind is so chaotic that looking at his very memories drives the Atom almost mad. Never enter the Joker’s mind. NEVER!!!!

5. Batgirl

Barbara Gordon is better known as the Oracle now. She is a paraplegic and a role model to people all around the world. But Barbara cannot move her legs anymore only because of the Joker’s machinations. In The Killing Joke, the Joker kidnaps Barbara Gordon and shoots her in the waist. He then tortures Barbara and rapes her just to get back at the Bat. Suffice it to say, the trauma from the events breaks Batgirl.

4. Booster Gold

When Booster Gold tries to go back to the past and Save Barbara Gordon from the events of The Killing Joke, he is warned by Rip Hunter not to meddle with the timeline. Booster does not pay any heed to Rip’s words. But every time he tries to stop the Joker, he is somehow killed before Booster could change the timeline. No matter how many attempts he makes, the Joker always manages to stay one step ahead.

3. Nightwing

When The Joker realizes he has cancer, he decides to go guns blazing. In The Last Laugh, he kidnaps Tim Drake and makes it look like he fed the Boy Wonder to Killer Croc. When Batman and Nightwing see the bones, it sends the latter into a fit of rage. He mercilessly punches the Joker until he kills him. Only later do we realize that Tim is alive and Joker is dead. The Joker has actually managed to push one of Batman’s closest allies over the line.

2. The Entire Justice League

Endgame is arguably one of the Joker related story arcs. When Batman finally starts to believe the threat of the Joker is no more, the Clown Prince of Crime resurfaces and turns his entire world upside down. He infects the entire Justice League with his Joker Venom and makes them fight the Batman. Batman then uses his Justice Buster armor to defeat the League. The Story arc ends with both the Batman and the Joker dying in an underground cave.

 1. The Batmanjoker Superheroes

In Dark Nights Metal story arc, there is an interesting one shot of the Batman Who Laughs – a Joker/Batman hybrid. In this Elseworlds story arc, Batman finally kills the Joker when he tries to murder the entire Gotham before his eyes. The Joker dies but manages to infect Batman with his dying breath and turns him into the new Joker. Batman then murders the entire Bat Family with his own hands and then ends up murdering the entire Justice League of his world. This is one dude you wanna steer clear of.

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