10 Myths About Feminism Debunked

Men and women around the world have dreaded this “F” word so much so that it has become a dangerous “F-Bomb” for everyone! This beautiful concept and word have a very ill-fate I suppose, because of the complete ravishment it faced over the years! The two destructive paths it has been on is that of misinterpretation and wrong usage which are actually interdependent on each other for one lead to the cause of the other and vice versa!

People around the world has so, so, so many misconceptions about this term to the extent they have made it an opprobrious term to be used in a derogatory fashion and on another hand, some have used it in a completely different and extreme way which it actually isn’t supposed to be which has perhaps led to the disillusionment! Hence, the circle goes on! But what is “feminism” actually? Why do  people fear to admit they are feminist? Why is it so bad to be one? Why do people hate it? Well, I being one myself think of it as my moral duty to stop the exploitation of this word and theory and make a moral attempt to aware everybody of what it actually is! So, here are 10 of the famous myths about feminism which are well, all negative, which will be debunked with the actual definition and meaning of the term!

Feminism is all about man-hating women, who are fighting men and hate them!


No absolutely no! Why this question in the first place! The negative representation by the ignorant patriarchal and chauvinists who fail to understand the term and go by their own on-the-face-of-it representation has lead to this complete misperception. Perhaps also because equality threatens them, and they want absolute power!

Feminist are bra-burning radical activists who are just making a big revolutionary fuss about nonsensical things!


We just want equality, too big and revolutionary, yeah right!

Men are the enemies of feminists!


No this is actually absurd, feminism is not about female superiority over men and feminists don’t hate men! Period! It is rather a belief to live in a harmonious world with men and not without men! We both need each other!

They are just concerned with women’s rights and only a woman is a feminist!


Feminism = Egalitarianism and women’s rights are in question here because they are denied many which men do not have!

Women are superior to men!


A definition of feminism by Bell Hooks who states “feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression!” yes now where is superiority shown here?

The word is filled with aggression, contemplation, and hatred!


Actually, feminism never propagates violence or aggression and even though feminist movements have seen revolutionary movements by women that were actually the need of the hour, but, that certainly does not mean that it is filled with hatred and aggression!

There is no need for feminism now!


This very statement shows the need of it! the premise of this argument is actually really absurd when people say that look now women are working they are going out of their houses, not in purdah anymore! But my question to them is, okay are they such big achievements? And how is it that women have to take it forcefully when men, on the other hand, are entitled “naturally” to it from their birth? Does this not indicate inequality! And everything aside women are still lagging behind when it comes to equality and equity and all those who beg to differ, need awareness out of their patriarchal bias! Yes, things are better than before but not how they should be.

Being feminist is not being feminine!


Why not? Just because the definition of femininity is the one who does not fight back does not want equality and is the caregiver, the homemaker whereas feminists are just fighting and they can never build a happily ever after home! Well, this is just another level of being nonsensical! Women who are vocal are never considered “lady-like” and what exactly is this “lady-like”? It is just another means of constructed identity which is not only for women but men as well; yeah men don’t express emotions because they are not “human”!

The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians. (A view from 1990 still prevalent)


Okay, let me repeat myself, asking for equality and equity is this too much to ask for? Is it too difficult to attain and too negative to ask for! It is not a curse but a very positive belief which is not against any female union with family or husband!

Feminism is not for men and a man cannot be feminist!


Yes, men are feminist too! Anybody, anybody irrespective of their sex, class, color, creed and so on and so forth, anyone who believes in equality and equity is a feminist! However their issues may differ according to their plight, but yes, it is that broad a term and covers much more than just “women superiority”! Why not hate patriarchy instead which is actually to be despised off!?

Well, the good news is it is not true at all! And the bad news is, well, you’ve been fed on a lie! Yes, absolute lie! Sigh… Feminism is actually a political movement which aims at providing equal rights to both men and women socially, politically, and economically. The movement is all about equality between men and women on all grounds, yes equality in all spheres, no one is saying the other is lesser or that they hate the other, the basic need is equality and an egalitarian society and not one where females rule! No, nup, not at all! The reason why it is called “feminism” and not something gender neutral is because women brought about this movement and they didn’t even have the basic right to vote! And it was then the fight for basic human rights for woman, yes basic human-ly rights they were denied! Oh, now you get it!

It is actually about equality of the sexes and anybody who believes in equality is a feminist yes, and there’s no shame or scorns to be given in being one! And here’s a definition to sum up, by Estelle Freedman from No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women (2002): “Feminism is a belief that women and men are inherently of equal worth. Because most societies privilege men as a group, social movements are necessary to achieve equality between women and men, with the understanding that gender always intersects with other social hierarchies.” (Sic) It actually leads to the egalitarian world and we all should embrace it for the betterment of all and not one only!

P.S.  a personal recommendation to watch YFilm’s “A man’s world” DO WATCH IT for even better understanding!    

Manpreet Kaur

Self-proclaimed procrastinator, Starry-eyed, Sporadic , Unorthodox, and a lover of literature! She is an English Lit student with an indomitable streak to bring a change, claims to be subversive and can't stand stupidity and supports an out of the box thinking. She asserts reading, exploring and discussions are the pastimes she can be found indulging in. She believes in magic yet is pragmatic adding up to her paradoxical nature. And is a proud sapiosexual!
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