• 5 Legal Implications That Superheroes Don’t Want To Share With You

    Superheroes break through buildings, cut through clouds and spurts out from the hell, but they never complain what goes wrong with them. It seems that Marvel and DC are entitled to break laws and completely ignore legal ramifications.Do superheroes care when they thrash enemies all the way through the buildings? No! If comics were based on real life, things would…

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  • 5 Big Fat Indian Weddings Of All Time

    The sangeet, the Mehendi, the baraat, the stylistic layout, the extravagant nourishment spreads, the mandap, the firecrackers, the luxuries, the customs, the venue… We cherish all the colorfulness and pretentious that characterizes a run of the mill Indian weddings. We convey to you some of these most critical prominent Indian weddings that made our eyes pop out of our head…

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  • WOMEN are no Longer “OBJECTS” for this World!

    She is mother, daughter, wife, sister; She is a person. She is strong, smart, crafty; She is passionate, courageous, generous. Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers. She is action, emotion, devotion; She has hope, beauty, and power. She has a brain and she knows how to use it. She gives you life. She gives you love, respect, gratitude;…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Men Are The Real Targets Of Sexism In India

    Inequality towards a specific gender in the society due to traditional norms or defined principles is what we call Sexism.Men are as much affected by it as women. Women should understand the issues related to sexism against men because it is an issue to look into. Here are 5 points to consider: 1. Men are expected to work long hours…

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  • Tryst with Destiny

    An Excerpt from Tryst with Destiny

    The country was going through its most difficult time, the biggest migration in the history of mankind. Everyone has lost hope but then came the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech Tryst with Destiny, which gave an energy to its people to forget the past and look forward, to make their country a happy place to live. Here is some of the…

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  • indian national flag

    Top 5 Lesser Known Facts About Indian National Flag

    As India gets ready to commemorate its 70th Independence Day, the Indian national flag sales hit the market across the country. Symbol of pride and national freedom, the flag represents the country as an independent republic.  Except the general comprehension of tricolors and Ashok chakra – a 24-spoke wheel in navy blue, I bet most of you are not apprised…

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  • 10 Myths About Feminism Debunked

    Men and women around the world have dreaded this “F” word so much so that it has become a dangerous “F-Bomb” for everyone! This beautiful concept and word have a very ill-fate I suppose, because of the complete ravishment it faced over the years! The two destructive paths it has been on is that of misinterpretation and wrong usage which…

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  • arranged

    Meeting guys for “Arranged Marriage” ? (Women side of the story)

    Arranged marriages are still very popular in India. It goes like this, your parents set up a meeting and you have to meet a guy couple of times and decide whether he is the one or not. If you say no, you should better have a solid reason. So, if you are a part of this process or were a…

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  • Now a Test can Confirm if Patients will Recover from a Coma

    Scientists have found a new technique to check the level of awareness in case of a brain-damaged person, in a coma. Thereby they can calculate if the patient can recover from a coma or not! Anyone who has gone through the misery of watching a loved one in a coma can now have some indication if he/she would wake up or…

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  • perception

    The Perception Problem

    I have failed and re-failed to understand why there are certain perceptions that people walk around! I do not deny that we all tend to make certain perceptions but at least test the hypothesis on which you draw results! Am I sounding technical ? So what! I have to be technical now! It’s been more than two decades that I…

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  • americans

    6 Wonderful Things About Americans

    Every place has its own perks. This one has many. Get an insight to a few of those lovely things about these people that you will surely love.   The Mindsets Are Broad Being judgmental is totally off their books. They do not interfere into other people’s life in any way. They don’t bother about anything, starting from dress up…

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  • Why Irrfan Khan is the “Real King Khan”?

    Irrfan Khan, a Padma Shri recipient is one of the best actors ever produced by India. His exemplary work in both Hindi Cinema and Hollywood speaks volume of his talent. He is a National Award winner and has acted in a series of blockbuster Hollywood movies like Jurassic World, Life of Pi etc being the prominent ones. He is now set…

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  • 3-year-old

    Believe it or not: This 3-year-old Iron Man saved the day

    Iron Man, as we know, is the creation of Marvel comics which made its first comic book appearance in 1963 in Tales of Suspense #39. While the first series was launched in 1968 and printed 332 issues. It was only recently that Iron Man became a phenomenon, of course, thanks to Robert Downey Jr who made Iron Man interesting with his…

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  • pizza potassium bromate

    Love Pizza and Other Fast Food? But Be Careful!

    If you love Pizza, Burger and other fast food which uses bread, this may be shocking to you if your country’s food regulator hasn’t banned the use of Potassium Bromate as a food additive. Here is more on this and why you should be careful: On Monday, The Indian Government banned the use of Potassium Bromate in bread as a…

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Not Underestimate Your Kids

    It’s the time of year when students complete school, graduate or appear for the different entrance examination, wanting to be tagged with good colleges and high grades, which becomes a reality for some but not for all. Those who don’t make it as big as others in terms of grades are the lost ducks in the crowd. Some of them…

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  • Working

    It’s Truly Empowering To Be A Successful Working Woman: Here’s My Story

    I’m a working woman and I love it! There are many women out there who want to work but can’t due to family pressure or the male dominant attitude won’t allow them to. When conversing with old people, they raise an eyebrow on me, with that questioning look. Working doesn’t mean that a woman can’t take care of her house…

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  • Civil

    3 Civil Service Officers and Their 3 Amazing Strategies

    Civil Services, especially IAS & IPS are considered to be the most sought after careers in India. Every year around 200 people make it to these services but only a few passionate officers are able to bring a change in the society and make our country a great nation. These are 3 of the few brave, innovative, passionate and dedicated…

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  • Breaking Gender Inequalities

     A stigma. A black-spot. A monger. What not? Gender Inequality is such an effing topic which is prevailing in the society from countless centuries. Even epitomes have passed, but this topic hasn’t .We all know that what’s gender inequality, isn’t it ? The one where some bigots are devoted to their specific gender only. We all have seen humongous  women…

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  • 6 Things only an Ambivert can Understand

    For those who do not as yet know it, Ambivert is that person who is neither completely introvert nor extrovert. They are not a combination of the two either. This simply is a term for people who, at times, feel completely like introverts and want nothing but seclusion. At other times, they feel like complete extroverts and tend to be involved…

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  • “Ethical” begging style of Mumbai VS “Sadda Haq Ethay Rakh” begging style of Delhi

    During my last trip to Mumbai while going from my hotel where I stayed to the airport I came across a very interesting observation. At every halt on the red light, I saw beggars begging but there was a mark difference in their approach to begging which we all see among beggars in Delhi. We normally don’t even give damn…

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  • 11 facts you must know about Mumbai Dabbawalas

    You must have heard a lot about them. Some of you might also be using their services. They are just impressive, stunning and perfect. They are Mumbai Dabbawalas. The kind of dedication they show towards their work is just unparalleled. Here are some wonderful facts about the magnificent team called Dabbawalas (the last one is amazing): Equal share: Every dabbawala…

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  • 10 Amazing Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi

    Everyone knows who Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is! This name needs no introduction. You read and hear about him many times. He fought for our freedom and is truly inspiring. He was also a great philosopher who could think about life and society. He is the guiding light for many. Here are 10 quotes from the Father of the Nation:  …

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  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

    The world shrinks and so do the cultures melt and intertwine. As I returned from the Shopping Complex I pondered on an event inside the shop. A tall sturdy man entered the book shop while talking over the phone to another in German which I could make out from a few words he uttered similar to what one of my…

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  • 5 Ways Credit Cards are Burning a Hole in your Pocket

    Gone are the days of smart shopping. These days everything our eye can catch hold of finds a way to our shopping bags. We may not carry such cash but plastic money seems an easy way out. But the question is, is plastic money per se an easy way out? How about ruminating once upon it? The answer would straight…

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  • Jhajjar: On my way home

    I had to stop in the middle while on my way to Jhajjar which is my hometown. I see around 200 people blocking the road. I knew about the protest going on over reservation but little did I know how things will unfold in the coming days. A group of six 19 year olds ask me & my friend –…

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  • A Woman is a Better Boss

    It has beenfour years that my best friend is running her own business successfully. She had a meeting few days ago, in which big and giant professionals of her industry were sitting on the same conference table as her and she was greatly obliged and honored to attend that meeting with the big shots. But then something happened which came…

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  • From Athens to Kanyakumari: The Sphinx

    The sphinx, a dangerous monster with a lion’s body and human head takes on different forms, names and meanings as it travels from culture to culture. Existing primarily in literature, myth and sculpture, this paradoxical creature is beautiful but deadly, a guardian of knowledge and threat to evil and altogether highly confusing. However, the saga of the sphinx represents the…

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  • The Deteriorated Standard of Education in India – Who is to be Blamed?

    The development of a State is contingent upon strategic investments in the present, the benefits out of which can be harvested in the future. Education is the most prominent investment made upon the children, which harvests the benefit of a productive society. The agenda of every developing nation is to build a generation of responsible adults, well-trained to cater to…

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  • Is Your Child Ready For a Dangerous World?

      The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of childhood is innocence. This innocence needs to be preserved and protected from the dangers of the society and the responsibility lies with the parents. Childhood is the phase of life which helps in building the personality and character of an individual. Personality is the product of one’s…

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  • 8 Indian Superstitions That Are Completely Logical

    “Why?”- that is the question we ask when we are asked to do anything. We can’t just bear to do things without knowing the reason behind it. The same applies to superstitions. Not every superstition was a hoax. Some were applicable in the ancient times only, a time when we were less developed. Whereas some are applicable even now. Here…

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  • 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Christmas

    First of all, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Obviously the word “Christmas” has significance to Christians since it is the recognized day of the birth of Jesus Christ, however people around the world have celebrated this day historically, even though they might not be practicing Christians. I did a little research on this holiday and…

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  • The Sad State Of My Generation & The Doleful State Of A Bihari!

    As the famous British historian Dr. Arnold Toynbee once said, “It is already becoming clearer that a chapter which has a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race… At this supremely dangerous moment in history, the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian…

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  • 8 Things that Diwali brings with Itself

      Diwali or Deepavali- the festival of lights is all set to light up the nation and even overseas. It is a festival which is being celebrated in India since the ancient time. Each one of us residing on this holy land knows the importance of this festival, a bit of mythology and spirituality. Yes, it is that time of…

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  • 6 Reasons to Say No to Fire Crackers This Diwali!

      By no stretch of imagination can Diwali be placed next to crackers, but a large fragment of Indians unbelievably believe so. But does it ever cross our mind  why CRACKERS ARE A STRICT NO in Diwali, let us read further to know more: Burning Crackers = Burning Money   source Crackers burn a hole in the pocket . A…

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  • 10 Selfies That Should Have Been Kept To Themselves!

    Selfies. Everyone, everywhere has done them. We do them alone and we do them with friends. I’m pretty sure that all of us have taken a selfie, looked at it and decided,  “maybe I should throw this one out.” Well, some people apparently either don’t care, or are confused about what they think looks good enough to share with the…

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  • 4 Famous Quotes Attributed To Famous Personalities

    VENI, VIDI, VICI It is translated as “I came, I saw, I conquered”. It is a Latin phrase, popularly attributed to Julius Caesar. He is supposed to have used it in a letter to Roman Senate around 46 BC after he had defeated Pharnaces II of Pontus at the Battle of Zela. According to historians like Plutarch and Suetonius, Caesar…

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  • Nine Forms of the Goddess Durga

    The festival has begun with the grandeur all over India. Goddess Durga has entered the homes and the pandals all over the nation. Navaratri (nine nights) – it is a festival which the nation awaits for the whole year. It is a festival which is celebrates the nine forms of the Goddess Durga. It is a celebration of the nine…

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  • Thank a Teacher

    The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said up to 10.9 million teachers need to be hired worldwide by 2020 to meet the goal of universal primary education for all.  Early Childhood Education was highlighted for the October  5th Commemoration. World Teacher’s day has been held on this date since 1994 Do you know what totalitarian governments do first when…

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  • 5 Bizarre World Records

      I’ve got to say that there are a LOT of weird people here on planet earth. Some of them are involved in setting the most bizarre world records you could imagine. And no, I don’t mean breath holding or doing a million crunches, all this is normal in comparison to these “creative” people. Here is a list of 5…

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  • hangrid-together

    Best Lesbian Youtube Couples Of All Time

    YouTube is a mystical land which shows magical beings around the globe. It has videos of people from every set of life. You can go to see a music video but before you know it you’re watching a puppy talking like a human. Do you have any regrets? No. This post is about the lesbians of YouTube, the rebels who…

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  • autowallahs-delhi

    5 Types of Autowallahs

    Mr. Fancy This guy is fancier than you and can even give you a complex. He wears a uniform different from the other autowallahs. His shirt and pants aren’t grey but sparkling white. He wears frameless spectacles and has a touchscreen phone which may even be better than yours! Sitting in his plush auto, you wonder why he’s driving this…

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  • sexuality-being

    How Does Social Status Affect the Sexuality of a “BEING”…!

    The first time you see a beautiful young body with perfect vitals and BMI of around 18.5 to 24.9 across a busy road, surely that would have been a reason for your hormonal gush. It turns you pink in your cheeks and brings an unnoticed smile on your face, and lastly a pinch brings you to a belief that it…

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  • Debut of Two Festivals on the Same Day

    India is often called as “Land of Festivals”.  Yes, it is time for the kick start of the festival season in India. We begin with the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar dedicated to Lord of all Lords, Lord Shiva. We end with the grandeur celebrating the year end of the year with Birth of Jesus, celebrating Christmas. Every religion…

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  • garbage-india-litter

    Do Not Kick the Butt …In OUR Land!

    As I stood on the roadside after the demanding and taxing  college hours, my  eyeballs were grabbed by a tall , sturdy and decent looking ‘Firangi “young man . Taking into note that he captured my attention not with his “cool” looks but due to the abominably deplorable act  which was kicking a cigarette stub and squashing it beneath his foot. When we…

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  • 4 Sectors Where Durga Puja Celebrations have already Begun

    On one hand, there is Maharashtra gearing up to welcome Bappa Moriya this September, whereas on the other hand we have West Bengal preparing for the home coming of Maa Durga this October. With the celebration season here, the weather has already started playing spoil sport. The artisans all over are busy giving the finishing touch to the Ganesha idols.…

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  • Remembering the WTC Victims On the 14th Anniversary of 9/11

    The morning of 11th September 2001 was just another morning in New York City. People got up, rushed to the subway and logged in at their office desk. It was just another morning people boarded the flights to their destination cities. A peaceful shiny day didn’t even give a spark of the calamity that was about to happen in the…

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  • powerful-women-2-marie-curie

    3 Powerful Women in History: The Fashion Icon, The Researcher and The Feminist Activist

    History is our witness that many women have tried to take attitude in a men’s world…and succeeding. World has changed during the centuries, on the account of these women (and also on the account of many men), therefore, they have to be remembered and seen as an example of boldness and ambitious for the generations to come. Coco Chanel “I…

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  • states-janmashthami-styles

    6 Different Ways in Which Indian States Celebrate Janmashtami

    The land of festivals is yet again gearing up for the festivals ahead. We have walked ahead into the ninth month of the year calendar 2015. The calendar is packed up for Indians as there are ample of festivals to be celebrated. The holy month of Shravan has passed by and the devotees have showered Lord Shiva with their services…

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  • Gay Marriage legalised in india

    5 Reasons Why Gay Marriages Should Be Legalized In India

    I personally believe that marriage is a sacred union between man and woman, a form of showcasing their love to their partners and the world. I also believe that our country was founded on the principle that everybody has the right to the pursuit of happiness. And if a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman makes…

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  • 5 Athletes Who Changed Their Genders

    By now, the everyone knows about former Olympic champion, Bruce Jenner’s  transformation into Caitlyn Jenner. In April of 2015, the former decathalon star of the 1976 Olympics “came out” during a “20/20″ interview with Diane Sawyer, saying she had gender dysmorphia since childhood and that,”for all intents and puposes, I’m a woman.” This obviously threw the world for a loop,…

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  • javed akhtar in other words

    “In Other Words,” With Javed Akhtar

    Javed Akhtar was officially named “Jadoo” but was later renamed “Javed” because it was the closest word to “Jadoo” literally meaning magic in Hindi. He has since been spreading this jadoo in our lives through his work. He is a well renowned and critically acclaimed scriptwriter and lyricist who has been honoring Bollywood by his work. He comes from a…

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  • Raksha Bandhan

    “Kash Main Tumhara Bhai Hoti” A Younger Sister Cracked a Joke… Which Turned Out To Be Way More Than A Joke!

    Today is a big day for all brothers and sisters, its Rakshabandhan. There are brothers who wait for the courier to deliver the rakhis at their doorsteps, and there are sisters, who desperately wait for their packages to be from delivered far away. Each year religiously, a sister buys the best designs of rakhi for her brother. Every year, she…

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  • Worst Epidemics the World Has Ever Encountered

    5 Of The World’s Worst Epidemics In History

    Certain moments in history actually make us think about the world we live in today and feel great about it. Why? Because back in the days, epidemics broke through, some of them from nowhere and all of a sudden half of your country’s population was wiped out from existence. Centuries ago, medicine was brought to it’s knees by fearsome epidemics…

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  • Religion

    If I Had My Way, I Would Do Away With Religion!

    If I had my way I would do away with the word “religion.” This one small word has created havoc in this world. Millions and millions of people have died, because of this word. In the 20th century, there have been huge advancements in all fields of life. Humans have been to the moon and back. We have so much…

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  • Enchanted Music

    5 Enchanting and Mysterious Musical Instruments

    “Music is a moral legend. It gives spirit to the universe, wings to thought, charm to youth and life and happiness to all things. It is the essence of order, lifting up the spirit to all that is good, right and beautiful.” – Plato. Some wise words from a wise philosopher. It is clear that there’s more to music than…

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  • India 69th Indpendence Day

    After the 69th Independence Day of India, I still feel we are slaves!

    I want to return to the era where the students were enthusiastic about the celebration of Independence Day. The week long preparation for the march past ceremony, saluting the hoisted flag, watching kids perform on patriotic songs, that marked the celebration of the big day. Every school, every college, every street decked up with the tricolour, smell of fresh flowers,…

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  • Virtual World Does not Discriminate

    4 Reasons Why the Virtual World Does not Discriminate:

    The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It is all around us, in our pockets, on our laps, hooked to the walls of your drawing rooms. It has revolutionized communications, from the morning tea to the late night sleep. It is not materialistic but your virtual world which can order any food item, help to buy a commodity, share…

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  • Friendship DAY

    Five Things you Can Gift to your Friends this Friendship Day.

    It is said truly, “A person cries most on the first day of the school and the graduation day” A life changing decision taken by our parents is to drop us down from the cradle of their arms and push us into gates where monsters are waiting for us. A kid cries his heart out, curses their parents, hates the…

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  • Dumb Ways to Die

    5 Dumb Ways to Die

      It is true that one should not laugh about somebody getting hurt or even dying. However, in some circumstances, you just cannot help yourself. Either we’re talking about people that lacked a basic level of intelligence or simply had really bad luck, here are some of the stupid ways some people died during history. Death by….pudding There is no…

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  • The chariots parked outside the gate of the Shri Mandir, Puri

    Five things about the Chariot Festival – Ratha Yatra

    India is a land of festivals, colours and traditions. It is a land where beauty of nature is strewn from North to South, history roars loud from East to West. India is rich in its cultural heritage. There are a number of historical sites such as Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Charminar, Konark Sun Temple, etc, have been declared as World Heritage…

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  • Ways to Celebrate Eid

    Five Ways to Celebrate Eid

    India- the land of festivals is gearing up for the next celebration. The month of Ramadan is coming to an end along with the Friday prayers. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims from all over the world observe this sacred month. This Ramadan falls in the month of June- July, depending upon the Islamic lunar calendar.…

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  • reasons artists are starving

    8 Reasons Artists Are Starving

    We’ve all heard stories about the poor, starving artist. The creative genius that sacrifices everything, so he can fully immerse himself in his craft. I’ve heard it said that artists never really become famous, until after they die. Most of the time, that doesn’t help either. Here are 8 examples of why an artist is going hungry tonight. “Trigon the…

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  • silent twins

    Gibbons sisters – The Silent Twins

    June and Jennifer Gibbons (born 11 April 1963) were identical twins who grew up in Wales. They became known as “The Silent Twins” since they only communicated with each other. They began writing works of fiction but turned to crime in a bid for recognition. Both women were committed to Broadmoor Hospital where they were held for 14 years. June…

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  • india's laws against women

    5 Lives That Brought Landmark Changes in India’s Laws

    Several cases involving violence against women have shaped India’s laws. Read about the 5 lives that brought landmark changes: 1972: MATHURA CASE The custodial rape of a tribal girl in 1972 by 3 policemen in Maharashtra drew outrage as the SC acquitted the accused. The judge had said that she might have invited the cops as she was used to…

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