If I Had My Way, I Would Do Away With Religion!

If I had my way I would do away with the word “religion.” This one small word has created havoc in this world. Millions and millions of people have died, because of this word.

In the 20th century, there have been huge advancements in all fields of life. Humans have been to the moon and back. We have so much knowledge, yet when it comes to this word, we become ignorant.  All of the religions in this world know the basic truth, there is but one God, though no one has ever seen him.


The basis of all religions are good and they all have the same basic teachings, “do good, love all” and so forth. Yet, when it comes to this small word – religion, people become fanatics. Even humans who otherwise wouldn’t hurt a fly, become barbarians and forget the basic truth,  “It was God who created this universe and all that is in it.”

It is because of this word “religion,” that so many wars have been fought. It is because of this word, that the world has been divided into so many fragments, with boundaries, where people require visas to go from one place to another.  We cannot travel freely, nor live freely.

The human race itself has been divided on the basis of “religion.” They are called “Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists,  Jews” etc. This word “religion” has caused many sleepless nights and misery to the entire population of the world.

Now, imagine a world where there was no religion, caste or creed. All human beings would be like one united family, and share life’s sorrows and joys together. There would be peace. There would be no race for “weapons of mass destruction.” Weapons could destroy the beauty of this planet. Life would be more precious.

There would be no boundaries on this earth. Everyone would be free to go wherever they wish to go. If there were no religion, there would be no fanatics like Osama bin Laden. No one would live, or sleep in fear, as there would be no terrorism. The world would be a safe and happy place to live in.


It would be one big, united world. I wish I had my way.

Davinder Bhatty

This sensitive, caring, strong willed, disciplined, elegant lady is a Pandoras box of talent and emotions, she loves to multi-task, and takes up all that comes her way!
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