WOMEN are no Longer “OBJECTS” for this World!

She is mother, daughter, wife, sister;
She is a person.
She is strong, smart, crafty;
She is passionate, courageous, generous.
Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers.
She is action, emotion, devotion;
She has hope, beauty, and power.
She has a brain and she knows how to use it.
She gives you life.
She gives you love, respect, gratitude;
She believes in you.
She will nurture you; fight for you.
She deserves nothing less from you.

 There is something that has always been in my mind, something which has always bothered every girl;

“Why do girls, professional women, mothers, sisters, daughters, heroines, women entrepreneurs, NGOs, government organizations, movie directors, and the never ending list have to fight for women’s equality? Shouldn’t it be so natural?”

Shouldn’t it be as natural as we taking in oxygen to breathe? Shouldn’t it be as natural as we eating food and drinking water to stay alive?

Even nature balances everything out. Where the balance gets disturbed, nature itself finds out the way to get the balance back!
Then who are we to disturb the balance of this nature? Disturbing female to male ratio?

Has this Universe ever told you that you are a girl, so I’ll not fulfill your wishes? Has God ever questioned a girl for her dreams? Has tree ever questioned a girl why is she taking in its oxygen? Has water ever inquired a woman why is she drinking it?
When the SUPER NATURAL POWER itself doesn’t discriminate, who are we to go against the law of this nature?

Women are so much stronger!
Women have been given everything that man has been. Yes, physical strength too! When two people of the same weight and mass are compared irrespective of the gender, they have same physical capability.


In fact, women are capable of giving birth and at the time of giving birth she experiences 57 Del (units) of pain which is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time while human body can only bear the pain of 45 Del.

Amazed? This is WOMAN POWER!

Hence, women have been made much stronger by SUPERNATURAL POWER itself!

Women leading the best professions

From working in beauty parlors to working on machines; from being a teacher to running a cafe of her own; from working in call centers to being a sales manager; from working in the kitchen to leading a giant company; women are handling it all!

Although at a slower rate but the number of women working in senior management positions have increased to 24% in 2016 from 22% in 2015.


Yes, yes we all know, there is still a long way to go for women in this man-dominated society.

Not limited to show-pieces anymore!

The woman is no longer dependent on anyone. She is fighting for her rights, serving her country as a soldier, as police; winning medals for her country’s pride, governing a state but still being as light as a feather when it comes to her family.


She acts for a woman- dominated roles, she runs her own enterprise, she gives definition to fashion, she provides education to all. She earns, she cooks, she lives and gives birth! She is no longer a showpiece to be kept at home!

Here I have written a few lines with which I put a full stop to this sensitive blog-

“Don’t treat her as an object you check out,
She is not here to calm down your senses;
whom you treat as your property,
she only belongs to heavenly parent.
She has all the rights to live by her own rules,
You have not gifted her, her life;
she only belongs to heavenly parent.
For tomorrow you will face heavenly mother and father,
make them proud of their manufacturing.
Cause you too belong to heavenly parent!”

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