4 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

The world shrinks and so do the cultures melt and intertwine.

As I returned from the Shopping Complex I pondered on an event inside the shop.

A tall sturdy man entered the book shop while talking over the phone to another in German which I could make out from a few words he uttered similar to what one of my friends taught me from her German course . He demanded a book from the shopkeeper in German and it seemed he desperately required a translator to make do with the understanding of the shopkeeper.

I stood speechless too, cursing myself to have never shown an interest to learn German apart from the other two foreign languages I learnt to speak and write.

Perhaps, I could have helped him in his hapless state. His facial bewilderment spoke volumes of a helpless person in a foreign land. I gauged further into the language discussion with myself. Read further to know why a student must learn a foreign language:

Weightage to the C.V.

Expertise in a foreign language will not only impress the employer but will also, escalate the chances of having an edge over the other applicants who have mastery in just one language . Such a person can broaden his social circle with ease and develop interaction with diverse groups which is propitious for any employer for a wider reach.

Diverse Social Circle

A  person with knowledge of multiple languages can foster a better understanding with the folks from  other culture. This aids to further grow as an individual holistically.

Better Brain Health

Learning different languages as has been scientifically proven broadens the size of the brain and facilitates in improving the capacity of the brain to process, organise and store the data.

Boosts Memory

This is another theory that the scientists claim to hold true for learning foreign languages. The brain loses its steam over time and may cease to operate as it could have been at a point of time. However, learning a foreign language shapes the memory in such a manner that it subsequently improves and the brain functions young and with greater efficacy.

To sum up the aforementioned, learning a foreign language is making noise in the current era with substantial proofs of benefits supported by science on the brain health and improved performance. Taking note of it, learning a foreign language should be ,without a second thought on the check-list of a student.


Ruchika Bhatia

A student of commerce by choice ,she is an ardent admirer of Nature and loves contemplating on the mysterious stories it binds everything with . She would be worse off and as miserable as sin sans reading . Non- fiction fascinates her . For her ,Writing is a persuasion of her long cherished passion . Strong Believer of the maxim that a pen is mightier than a sword .Wishes to be globetrotter one day .
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