A Woman is a Better Boss

It has beenfour years that my best friend is running her own business successfully. She had a meeting few days ago, in which big and giant professionals of her industry were sitting on the same conference table as her and she was greatly obliged and honored to attend that meeting with the big shots.

But then something happened which came as a disappointment to her. She was trying to open up the cap of a sealed water bottle which was quite tight, so a male professional came up to her and said, “JAB BOTTLE KA DHAKKAN HE NAHI KHOL PAA RAHE HO, TOH BUSINESS KYA KAROGE? (When you are not even able to open up the cap of a sealed bottle, how will you run your business?) ”.

Even after achieving a lot in just four years, she still has to face misogynists. It isn’t just my best friend’s story but story of many business women out there.

So, I decided to write a blog which would not only give answers to all the male chauvinist but also tell them why a WOMEN BOSS is always the BETTER BOSS!

Here are the reasons to tell you why women bosses are the effective ones…


Good Listeners:

Women are effective communicators because they are great listeners! And which employee doesn’t want his boss to listen to him? Being a good listener is a critical aspect for managing employees and customers. Empathizing with your employees is very important to build a strong relationship and this is exactly what a woman boss understands!


Employee Recognition:

Researches say that those who work for women managers are more likely to get praise for good work than those who work for male bosses!
Women understand the need to motivate and maintain an environment of fairness in her office.



Women don’t jump to conclusions like men do! They take time before taking any action or decision. Any business achieves its success by taking small steps patiently towards its goal.

Supportive of work/ life balance:

Women bosses are much cooler with you checking your social media at office. On the other side, men bosses like more of discipline at work. Also, women bosses are more engaging with her employees than the male bosses.

Connected manager:

The styles of authoritative leadership are now being replaced by cooperative relationship building. Women unlike men don’t like to direct her employees in everything they do. And in this fast moving world, those who know how to maintain relationships are more successful!


Many studies have shown that women bosses are better but the irony is … men bosses are still preferred! People still have a perception that women cannot run big organizations.
But the fact is some of the greatest organizations of this world are being run by a woman —
General motors, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, PepsiCo Inc., Oracle , etc. etc. etc.. And mind you these are some of the top fortune 500 companies!


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