8 Indian Superstitions That Are Completely Logical

“Why?”- that is the question we ask when we are asked to do anything. We can’t just bear to do things without knowing the reason behind it. The same applies to superstitions. Not every superstition was a hoax. Some were applicable in the ancient times only, a time when we were less developed. Whereas some are applicable even now. Here are some Indian superstitions with logical explanations.


Don’t cut nails after 6 in the evening:

In ancient times there was no electricity. So approximately 6 p.m is the time the sun sets after which its going to be dark. If nails are cut in the dark, they might fall down and cannot be found. While walking barefoot it might prick your feet thus transmitting the germs. Nails are dead cell after all. This is the reason why ancestors forbid us from cutting nails after 6.
Why temples must be the tallest structure in the vicinity:

There are ‘Kalash’ or ‘Kalasam’ on top of every temple, which is basically a pot filled with 9 grains like rice, salt, ragi, millet, maize, corn, sesame etc,. The pot is an alloy of 5 metals including gold, silver, copper and tin. As a whole this Kalash acts as a conductor of lightning and is considered as earthing. So taller the temple, more the area it can protect from lightning. Every 12 years the grains are changed in a festival called ‘Kudamuzhugu vizha’, as the grains lose their absorbing powers after 12 years.

Say ‘Namaste’ to every elder you meet:

While saying Namaste the tips of the fingers touch providing connection between the left and right hemisphere of the brain.  It is a centering pose which helps to alleviate mental stress and anxiety. Joining of hands in such a manner is called ‘Anjali Mudra’ and was highly practiced by people of all ages.

Wake up early in December:

During the month of December or otherwise known as ‘Margazhi’, women used to wake up early and put colorful and elaborate rangoli while the men walked around the town singing bajans. One might wonder why they bother waking up early in winter. The reason for this is, during such times fresh ozone is available which is needed by our body. But I guess, now-a-days, fresh air is something you have to hunt for.

Sit down Indian Style while eating:

If you stand and eat, you can fill your entire stomach. If you sit on a chair and eat, you can eat for your half stomach whereas you can eat only for quarter stomach sitting down, which is the right amount. Only then your entire meal will be digested before your next one. While standing there is no pressure on your stomach resulting in no limit for consumption. But while sitting down, the stomach goes in every time you bend to take food from your plate thus limiting your consumption.

Temples are situated on hills:

The reason behind this is simple. People regularly used to visit the temples. And so if temples are built on hills, they have to climb. Thus its a form of regular exercise.

The drone of slogas:

You might wonder if the prayers and slogas are really heard by the Gods. While there is no proof for that, it is proved that  self created sounds such as chanting will cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. Such chanting will also help oxygenate the brain, reduce our heart rate, blood pressure and assist in creating calm brainwave activity. And the most famous chant ‘OM’ is usually chanted, which expands the lungs and empties it with each chant.

The benefits of such chantings are endless. A few of them being: creates positive vibration enhancing your metabolism and as a result causing weight loss, removes toxins from your body giving you better immunity and healing power. It does not pertain to any religion. So inspite of whatever religion you follow or inspite of being an atheist, chanting ‘OM’ is good for you and the ones surrounding you.

Keeping tilak:

Be it a man, be it a lady, in olden times they always used to have tilak or kumkum on their forehead, just between the eyebrows. That reason for it being, that particular point should be covered in order to prevent being hypnotized.



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