How Does Social Status Affect the Sexuality of a “BEING”…!

The first time you see a beautiful young body with perfect vitals and BMI of around 18.5 to 24.9 across a busy road, surely that would have been a reason for your hormonal gush. It turns you pink in your cheeks and brings an unnoticed smile on your face, and lastly a pinch brings you to a belief that it is all real. There is no snoozing alarm but a pleasant memory unfolded before the sleepy mind, “How do I approach”?

Approach! Nowadays, it is a status quotient to trespass the emotions. A hunk on a Royal Enfield has hundreds of catchy eyes, compared to a simple geek on a bike. A woman foot stepped out of a red Sedan with stilettos would be stared by many eyes, over a foot with flats getting down from a rickshaw.

Though genetically considered a recessive character, but straight hair maintained with gel and serum is more in fashion than the oily and plated hair. Likewise, spikes and gelled hair with a beard of dream signifies honor and dignity. A man in harem pants, leather jacket and Ray ban is as much a man of dreams as a woman in one piece with a shining face.

The factor of lifestyle exerts an effect on one’s current social success and influences the future social success as well. When you are young, your childhood is all about Barbie’s, G.I. Joes, price tagged fisher price cradles, walkers, game kits, play stations etc.

You have a very little control over these toys as you have to convince your parents as they are the only ones who can buy them for you. Every child unknowingly demands the same standards of his childhood as his friends. This child gets the ideas of expensive toys and stationary by seeing his classmate who lured him towards a bigger and fancier pencil, with a sharpener and cartoon, as compared to his simple lead pencil.

College also has this social bubble to give students a good social experience, but this social status can become the reason of suicide attempts.

When once someone graduates and is out in the corporate world, the lifestyle differences now really exert their influence. We feel our social status being viewed differently by others and thus influencing our own behavior in many ways.

When the boss walks across the bay looking at only some employee alone. it gets people wondering if it’s good to get noticed or not. His status in this group of employees affects how these individuals perform, thus creating hierarchies within the group.

Where on one side digital technology bear rolling headlines, which reads how a social tycoon is withdrawn from “no frisking” exemption and we still question how social status relates to health.

In modern techno savvy societies, health certainly improves as you move up the socioeconomic ladder, and the trend is a result of health care and lifestyle factors, which includes diet and physical activity that are somehow associated with income. Thus, out of apathy one has to face denial for a bed in ICU if he does not belong to a VIP class.

Though raised in the same cultural surroundings, it does not bring similar response patterns. As subcultures can form and create their own individual influences, likewise the movement between social classes hampers the circumstances.

Throughout human life, an individual lives and dies in the social class in which they were born. If one is born in poor situations and they might die poor. The only ways societies can help people rise in social class is by motivation, improved educational opportunities, and exploring reasons to poverty and its implications on society and future generations.

Shubhangi Agarwal

She hails from the city of Taj mahal. She is more than just a pretty face. A trending event organizer, classy defines her in a word.She is always looking for new words to decribe her ideas!
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