Is Your Child Ready For a Dangerous World?


The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of childhood is innocence. This innocence needs to be preserved and protected from the dangers of the society and the responsibility lies with the parents.

Childhood is the phase of life which helps in building the personality and character of an individual. Personality is the product of one’s heredity and environment. While the parents can keep a tab and structure a wholesome environment for the kid at home, it is difficult to pursue the same protected atmosphere for a child when he steps outside.

We keep hearing cases of child sexual harassment every now and then, and to think that it cannot happen to your child might just turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.

Is your child ready to step out of the cocoon? Here are certain essentials to ensure your child is safe, inside home and beyond.

Be approachable: If your child is scared of you, you are really failing as a disciplinarian and as a parent because discipline solely means to instill the understanding of right and wrong. Make sure that the child is vocal about his fears to you.

Be aware: Run a background check of the places your child visits and the people your child meets. Analyze the impact upon your child of every outing he takes. Observe the changes in the behavior if any.

Teach your child: Make your child aware of the ‘danger parts’. Teach them the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

Spend time: It should be a routine to ask the kid about how he spent his day, whom did he meet and anything he found good or bad. Ensure that you get an elaborate description.

Nurture the childhood, preserve the innocence. Stay safe!

Agrima Sharma

A voracious reader and a writer, Agrima is a law student with keen interest in politics and legal affairs. Loves to delve into issues of Social Welfare and Human Rights.
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