The Perception Problem

I have failed and re-failed to understand why there are certain perceptions that people walk around! I do not deny that we all tend to make certain perceptions but at least test the hypothesis on which you draw results!

Am I sounding technical ? So what! I have to be technical now! It’s been more than two decades that I have been observing this.. we live around our perceptual world! And the best part we impose our perceptions on others.

No, it is not wrong to discuss, give suggestions or debate, but it is not also right to tell people what they should think.

A very simple example – Women drivers.. what came to your mind ? Accident ? Damaged car? Illogical driving ? A halt car? And a scenario where you are scared of coming in front of a woman driver because you think she might overrun her car on you?


Did you think of a woman who drives safe? Did it come to your mind that in spite of surviving in this male dominant society, a woman learns to travel independently?

FYI: It has been proven that women are much safer drivers than men are!

And you are just running around the same bush again and again! And whenever you see any woman driver, you tend to maintain distance! Am I not right?

Yes I know our brains get trained to certain things.. but try exploring things… stop criticizing people and start appreciating.

This is just one issue. There are a uncountable number of perception problems!

When will we all realize we have been given minds of our own? Start forming your own opinions. Unless you appreciate the person in front of you, you will never see the positive side of that person.

To see the rainbow after the rain, the sunshine needs to peak through the clouds, tearing the layer of thick grey clouds!

Clear the haze in front of your eyes.. clean your lenses. let your sunshine become evident .. let your aura of thoughts shine brightly!!

Choose and form your perceptions without any prior perceptions!

Have a happy and independent perceptual life guys!

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