3 Civil Service Officers and Their 3 Amazing Strategies

Civil Services, especially IAS & IPS are considered to be the most sought after careers in India. Every year around 200 people make it to these services but only a few passionate officers are able to bring a change in the society and make our country a great nation.

These are 3 of the few brave, innovative, passionate and dedicated officers who are working hard to make our country better in their own way. While some help people with their innovative welfare schemes, some take on anti-social elements and corruption. Each one of them has their own style, established a unique trademark and is standing as motivation for many of the aspirants.

Ajit Doval, IPS: (Known for taking on anti-terrorism)

Most of us would have noticed this guy accompanying our PM Modi on his every foreign visit. He is the current NSA (National Security Advisor) to India and he also served as the Director of IB (intelligence Bureau). He was awarded president’s police medal and as well.

He was instrumental in the success of the operation Black Thunder and also played a key role in averting more than 10 hijackings of Indian Airlines from 1971-1999. He also served as a spy in Pakistan for 6 years and was successful in persuading Kashmiri militants to target anti-Indian forces.


Prashanth Nair IAS: (Known for his innovative welfare schemes)

Prashanth Nair is the one innovative minds who believes that social media is a platform that makes administration more transparent, accountable and fast. He was all praised for his crowd-funded campaigns through social media.

He was all praised for his innovative approaches in mobilizing people for various social activities. One of the recent campaigns which are headed by Prashanth is “Operation Suaimani” aimed at addressing the hunger in urban areas.


VV Laksmi Narayana IPS: (Known for taking on anti-corruption)

Currently posted as Additional Director General of police, he is one of the most known officers for handling high profile cases which include Satyam scandal, Emaar Properties, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy Disproportionate Assets case, etc.

He is the topper of the civil service examinations and police medal winner for the year 2006. He is a follower of Swami Vivekananda and is known for his motivational speeches.

PS: Do not go by the fame these jobs have, Success is all what people but there would be lot of pain and agony these people are going but it is their passion for these jobs and their love for the country that is keeping them ahead.

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