10 Richest Marvel Super Villains – Ranked

Richest Marvel Super-Villains:

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. With too much money, well you can do whatever the hell you want. If deep down you are a good soul, you would take that money and invest in society and help it make a better place like Black Panther or Tony Stark has for so many years. But every hero has his or her nemesis. And most of these villains also have more money than King Solomon. They do not indulge in benevolent activities. They use their money to amass more wealth and power, often through illegal means. And by doing so, they have become even richer. The amount of monetary possessions they have is enough to rival the GDP of an entire country!!

 10. Darren Cross – 50 Million Dollars

Richest Marvel Super Villains

Darren Cross is the arch-nemesis of Ant-Man and a very powerful foe with access to huge resources. The comic books portray him as a successful businessman who uses hostile tactics to take over competing organizations. He is a tech tycoon that leverages technology to increase his wealth. Using a custom made pacemaker installed within his heart, he gains size altering powers and uses his newfound abilities for a life of crime. The movies show him as a long-time protégé of Hank Pym who loses his way and decides to use the technology his mentor developed for his own gains.

 9. Obadiah Stane – 200 Million Dollars

Starting his company Stane International at around the same time as Howard Start started Stark Industries, Obadiah Stane became a successful arms dealer and businessman who was even willing to sell his weaponry to criminals and terrorists if he had a profit to make. He even tried to take over Stark Industries but failed. After stealing the Iron Man tech from Tony Stark, he became the Iron Monger. He was soon defeated by Iron Man and put behind bars. His entire worth of around 200 Million Dollars was not enough to save him.

 8. Magneto – 900 Million US Dollars

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Magneto does not look like a multi-millionaire but he is. Magnetos’ father was a decorated war veteran but he was soon kidnapped and put in a concentration camp after Nazi Germany came to power. Magneto soon developed his mutant powers and has become a supervillain. Over the years, Magneto has been associated with several criminal organizations and has taken up jobs to collect wealth for his ultimate wish – liberate mutant-kind all over the world. Magneto was also once the rule of Genosha – the Mutant Nation. As the ruler of an entire country, Magneto gained enormous wealth. The estimated wealth of 900 Million is but a guesstimate. He is probably worth way more than that.

 7. Emma Frost – 1.5 Billion US Dollars

Richest Marvel Super Villains

Before even becoming a mutant, Emma Frost was the heir to the filthily rich Frost family, who owned an industrial conglomerate worth several billion. After Frost developed her mutant abilities and was cast out of her home, she took to the streets and did odd jobs for a living. Emma Frost still had the fire in her to prove her mettle and she soon caught the attention of the Hell-Fire Club who welcomed her to her inner circle. As part of the Hell-Fire Club Emma Frost became the White Queen and soon regained her lost wealth. She may have amassed even more money than what we have estimated but this is a pretty good number if you ask us.

 6. Green Goblin – 10 Billion Dollars

As the head of the techno conglomerate called the Oscorp Industries, Norman Osborn was a man that everybody dreamed to become. Norman Osborn’s wealth is the result of a series of gambles he made. Osborn never shies away from taking calculated risks because he knows he can crack the deal and gain more money. That is how Oscorp became so famous and powerful. But he soon slipped when a government contract that would have been very lucrative was just about slipped out of his fingers and he decided to become the test subject for the experiment, thus becoming the Green Goblin. Osborn is a highly unethical businessman. To top it off, Osborn was also once the President of the United States, siphoning off public funds to fund his endeavors and make him richer.

 5. Aldrich Killian – 12.4 Billion Dollars

In the comic books, Aldrich Killian was one of the scientists that helped Maya Hansen develop the powerful Extremis Virus. After realizing the plans of Hansen, he was overcome with guilt and finally committed suicide. In the movie Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian was the founder of the evil organization from Marvel Comics called A.I.M. He would use the Extremis virus and inject it into rogue soldiers and mercenaries who would then work form him. Aldrich Killian almost brought a government to his knees using his genius-level intellect. As the leader of A.I.M, Killian had gained money that was north of 12 Billion Dollars.

 4. Doctor Doom – 35 Billion Dollars

doctor doom in black panther 2

As the Ruler of Latveria, Doom has amassed enough resources to become one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. He is not after money though. Money is just a side effect of what he does for a living. Doom regularly invests in technology. He is also a part of several criminal and terrorist enterprises that do his bidding and garner more wealth for him. Doom is a polymath and a genius-level inventor. The primary source of income for the tiny nation of Latveria, which has become an economic superpower, is partly because of the sweeping economic reforms introduced by Doom as well as the money he gets out of selling the technology he invents and sells to the highest bidder.

 3. Kingpin – 40 Billion Dollars

Kingpin is the God of organized Crime. Whenever he is up to something, all hell breaks loose! Kingpin was born to a lower middle class family where he was picked on because of his obesity. Kingpin soon learned to defend himself and started intimidating other people. After becoming the bodyguard of Don Rigoletto, Kingpin’s network grew. He soon killed Don Rigoletto and took over his empire. After being chased away from America, Kingpin settled in Japan where he started a successful but illegal Spice Business. Wilson Fisk soon returned to America with a vengeance and created one of the largest organized crime empires after forcing all the crime families to join hands and work under him.

 2. Red Skull – 65 Billion Dollars

He is the long-time and one true leader of the international terrorist organization called Hydra. The thing about hydra is that it never really dies. It has roots in every part of the globe and at any point in time. Hydra’s enormous resources are supported by its political connections to key officials and business tycoons that have been brainwashed to rally around its cause of world domination. The Red Skull commands everything that Hydra has to offer. Starting from underground bases and headquarters to vast armies and weapons caches, the Red Skull is the most powerful terrorist in the entire world and probably in human history. His estimated wealth is unknown because Red Skull does not really file tax returns (He is a terrorist duh!!)

 1. Loki – 100 Billion Dollars

The Norse God of Mischief may have been cast out of Asgard but he is still the son of Odin and is thus liable to receive a portion of the vast amount of gold and gems within Odin’s legendary treasure. Since he is also part of Frost Giant and is related to Frost King Laufey, the treasures of the realm of Frost Giants also partly belong to him. Loki may not look like it nor does he seem interested in treasures but he is very- very wealthy and is probably the wealthiest of everyone on this list.

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