“Ethical” begging style of Mumbai VS “Sadda Haq Ethay Rakh” begging style of Delhi

During my last trip to Mumbai while going from my hotel where I stayed to the airport I came across a very interesting observation. At every halt on the red light, I saw beggars begging but there was a mark difference in their approach to begging which we all see among beggars in Delhi. We normally don’t even give damn to these beggars except some time occasionally change (coin’s) if we have in easy access in our car or pocket. My point is beggars in Mumbai were so polite and make faces which will make our heart melt like chocolate lava cakes of Dominos where as in Delhi beggars our own Delhi beggars bang our car windows to beg. Its seems they are asking the most vital question a creditor can ask “dude, you owe me the money”. Begging is one of the oldest profession like prostitution but the ethical degradation has now crossed the limit. These beggars shamelessly knock our windows continuously until we pay something or we abuse them that too in Punjabi. Its seems they have taken the movie “Rockstar” quite seriously and asking for their right that is money in “Sadda Haq Ethay Rakh” style. The days are not far when they will open the door of our car and themselves take the money out of our pocket. What can be the possible reason for their behavior …is it the north Indian culture they adopt being little more demanding, little more aggressive, can’t take no for an answer . It can be anything and I really don’t care but I do care for the remedy.  Being a teacher it’s my humble duty to teach them not to do this knocking the window stuff .so I did some experiment on this issue though I am not a very experimental type of person but my association with some eminent researcher’s in BJMC department has given me the courage to do things in a different way. It may sound cruel but it’s for the sake of educating someone who really needs to learn. What I did whenever I stopped at a red light on a busy chowk as the beggars knock my window I took a fresh note of rupees fifty out of my pocket and then took a pause and just lowering the window little bit I told that beggar politely had he didn’t knock I would have given him the money. Believe me, the result was amazing at first he was knocking with his fingers and now he wanted to bang his head on my window just because he did something stupid and lost fifty bucks. I repeated this experiment on the same red light number of times and there was a substantial drop in the knocking of windows and now that same beggar comes and doesn’t touch my window. I thought I did something great by making him realize his mistake but I failed in a big way because he still begs.

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