7 Essential Hair Tips

Pretty black and thick hair is a dream of every girl.  You can easily get that perfect hair look if you follow the basic essential needs of your hair. Day to day hair care matters a lot in nurturing your hair.

Here’re our 7 essential tips for the perfect hair:

1) Hair Oil

Regular oiling of your hair can improve the attribute of your hair.

Tea tree oil is one of the best hair oils. Oiling our hair provides it nutrients, strengthens the roots and conditions it. Coconut oil is also a good option. Olive oil can be applied to the tips to avoid split ends.

2) Hot Water Baths

Washing and rinsing hair with hot water can be extremely disastrous for our hair. Hot water not only makes hair frizzy but also weakens the hair roots and adds to hair fall. One of the major reasons of hair loss is hot water baths

3) Regular Hair Wash and Trims

Regular hair wash keeps your hair healthy and clean. Washing hair 2-3 times helps hair to grow and reduces itchy scalps. Also, regular hair wash keeps your face acne free.

Fewer trims will lead to longer hair is a myth. Trims lead to the reduction in split ends and damaged hair, which help hair to grow naturally. It gives a nice texture to your hair.

4) Heat Exposure

Excessive heat to hair leads to hair damage. Straightening hair regularly or hair dryers can be excessively harmful to hair. Also one should avoid extreme sunlight exposure. One should cover hair properly when travelling in heat.

5) Combing Habits

Proper combing habits can boost up your hair virtue. Avoiding hair combs with plastic bristles and instead using wooden combs can be beneficial. Also holding off from brushing wet hair can lead to minimum hair fall. Excessive combing hair is also bad.

One should firstly unlock lower knots and then comb hair in straight patterns.

6) Eating and Routine Habits

Your eating habits can have a huge impact on your hair. Drinking lots of water and having diets enriched with vitamin C can lead to hair growth as well as shiny hair.

But your routine bad habits like smoking, or drinking or taking stress can have a negative impact on hair. One might not believe it, but our thought process affects our body significantly. So stay healthy and positive.

7) Hair Masks

Hair masks like eggs + coconut oil or lemon + curd or henna + eggs or avocado + egg etc. can be applied to hair twice or thrice in a month for dream hair to get. These masks provide necessary nutrients and are a good source of the healthy hair.

There you have it ladies, 7 essential hair tips to keep your locks healthy and shiny. So girls! Flaunt your healthy happy hair!

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