8 Major Reasons to be an English Major


Now that the dreaded board examinations have finally ended, and the three months of having fun as upon you- stop and think about it. Fun? Really?

The truth is. After about two weeks of gallivanting and general boisterousness, you will either

  1. Start preparing for the REAL examinations- IITJEE/ CLAT/ AIPMT and variants OR
  2. Be plagued by the everlasting worry that you will not end up in a college, and end up serving burgers and fries in a fast food chain.

On principle, we believe in ensuring you guys have fun, so here, we’ve prepared a listicle for you, reminding you why being an English Major is one of the best things you can do.


Studying English means fangirling/ fanboying for a living

We can’t emphasize this enough- studying English means you take a text you love and look at it in all ways possible, to answer the larger questions of life. If you step into research, you get paid to do what you really love- read! It’s like eating a cake and having it too.


English is not just about books

We know you’ll find it hard to believe, but English is not JUST about books. It’s for everyone- no matter what you like because studying English also involves studying films and graphic novels. Some colleges even teach you lyrics of songs!


Makes you more empathetic

English helps you look at life in its whole because the study of Literature goes way beyond a simple book. It involves understanding various periods of human existence, ultimately making you understand humanity better. You truly become a better and more understanding person by studying English.


Builds your analytical skills

So much of the study involves looking at a text and understanding what it means, what you feel about it, and unraveling all its layers. Ultimately, you become better-equipped to unravel all sorts of layers, making you appreciate the world around you better.


 Literature is just so beautiful!

Words have so much power! You can feel so much just by letters strung with punctuation wash over you in waves. Poetry, drama, novels, and essays: everything has the ability to affect you emotionally and intellectually. It’s like living various lives and learning to find the beauty in each one.


Helps you discover other languages

One of the best parts of studying English is that so many texts are available in translation, that you end up reading literature in languages other than just English. Quite often, English Majors end up learning more than one language- Sanskrit, Spanish, German, Korean- you name it!


Has a lot of job potential

One of the things you’ll hear is that English doesn’t leave you with too many job opportunities. Au contraire, being an English Major leaves you well equipped for a lot of job options- from working in the corporate sector to civil services.


English is just fun!

Wouldn’t you want to spend the next three or four years discovering life in the most fun way possible? When you sit with a book and begin thinking about it, and feeling all the emotions a book is capable of making you feel, you realize something a lot of people forget in the pursuit of a degree: language is the way to truly living.



Stuti Pachisia

Stuti Pachisia is fond of poetry, coffee and (un)necessary argumentation. She is an avid writer and an equally avid procrastinator. When she does write, it is mostly about love, loss and war.
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