Arrow Season 4: Who is the New Black Canary?

Finally, the long wait of Arrow fans got over and episode 19th titled “Canary Cry” was aired on CW network. It could be considered as one of the most emotionally charged and heartbreaking episodes in the history of the show. Quentin Lance (Laurel’s father) is struggling to come to terms with his daughter’s death and even asked Nysa Al Gul if she could bring her back using the pit, but she told him that she destroyed the pit months ago. There have been many deaths on the show like Tommy Merlyn (friend of Oliver & Laurel’s lover), Moira Queen (Oliver’s mother), Robert Queen (Oliver’s Father), Thea Queen (who was killed by Ra’s Al Gul and then brought back through Lazarus pit), Sara Lance (who was killed by Thea under the influence, later was brought back by the pit and her soul was restored by John Constantine). But Laurel Lance a.k.a Black Canary died a painful death and ain’t coming back. She was played by Katie Cassidy who is a fine actress and has a good fan following, they were disappointed till the last episode as they felt that her death is based on convenience and that the show didn’t honor her memory.

Arrow Who is the New Black Canary?
Arrow Who is the New Black Canary?

Well, the show-makers have found a way to protect her legacy by introducing a new character called Evelyn Sharp (it’s Evelyn Crawford in DC Comics) who will don the mantle of Black Canary and may even join Team Arrow to help take down Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. She is blood-thirsty (attempted to assassinate Mayor of Star city) as she lost her family at the hands of H.I.VE. She was first introduced as part of New 52 series titled “Birds of Prey” as an old friend of Laurel. She is a darker version of Black Canary, closer to comics rather than Laurel who was a lawyer first and vigilante later. Well…let’s see if Oliver can figure out how to beat Darhk.

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