This New Speedster Villain in Flash is More Terrifying than Zoom

The creators of the Flash Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg said to MTV “Everything about Zoom felt like death. We had an idea that it should look like a demon. Eobard Thawne came from the future and Zoom came from hell.” But now they want to go in for something sinister. He was speculated to be either Bart Allen’s Reverse Flash (Edward Claris), Reverse Flash of New 52 (Daniel West), New Reverse Flash in DC Rebirth (Godspeed), Reverse Flash of Crime Syndicate (Johnny Quick), Impulse (part of the Thawne family) or the Black Racer (New Gods).


We could all agree that Zoom turned the TV show into a dark, brooding saga of a mad masked crusader wreaking havoc in the Central city. He first kidnapped Jesse (daughter of Earth-2 Prof. Wells), then he kidnapped Wally west and traded his life with Flash’s speed force, he then captured Caitlin Snow as he obsesses over her, traumatized her so much that she developed some kind of Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and finally killed Henry Allen (father of Barry Allen) to make him believe that both of them are the same. Fans even said that he is very much akin to the character of Avery in Netflix series. He is the most terrifying villain of the show ever, Reverse flash couldn’t possibly have this kind of dark imagination to meet his sinister end.


But what if I tell you the speedster coming in season 3 will make you feel Zoom was slightly less evil? The show is famous for bringing in formidable adversaries against Team Flash, in season 1 it was Eobard Thawne, season 2 it was Zoom, and season 3 will feature a terrifying speedster (Black racer/Savitar) from Geoff Johns original Flash Rebirth who became a thing during Mark Wade’s run. He started off like Max Mercury/Johnny Quick who got stuck in a speed force in the past and then he was brought into the present day. He is a Wally West era villain which explains the presence of Kid Flash. He is not just a powerful speedster, he can create special force fields, transfer kinetic energy at will and is a master of psychological torture. If Zoom took the speed of Barry at a gunpoint, Savitar will instead poison the source of Barry’s speed-force itself. CHEERS!

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