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Universe and Us

Ever wondered, if there is a connection between the universe and us?

No, I’m not talking about astrology here. Just a parallelism, the so many similarities in the way we and the universe behave. It’s like we can simply look at us and at each other and learn about the things out there or we can look outside and learn about us, without even realizing it.

For instance, just like all the planets revolve around the sun- the source of life on earth and heat for mercury and so on, people have their lives revolving around either themselves or others.

The independent ones, who are capable of handling themselves are like their own sun, whose schedules are not set solely on the basis of other people because they have their own stuff to do. At the same time some people are not as independent, either emotionally or materialistically or both, they have to schedule their routine according to the time available with the ones who are their ‘sun’, either for some real thing, or for some emotional support, their lives kind of revolve around some other person, these people are like the planets.

(While we are at it, let’s not forget the useless stones/meteors that revolve around the planets or anything for no reason, such people exist too.)

So, there can be the ones who, like stars, create their energy and help others with it. It is also possible these people faced many problems in their life before becoming this ‘star’ kind of a person, just like actual stars are formed after numerous explosions. And there can be the ones who just extract all the energy out of you if they are around, people who have nothing to offer but only take, they are just like the black holes, gravity (like people’s needs) so high that it’ll take everything in.

Our soul itself is a whole universe we can’t understand. Because seriously, how can it be ‘just’ chemicals that make us moody? Chemicals are all active when food is cooking, but I’ve never heard of a boiled potato becoming happy on turning into french-fries or becoming sad on turning into a tasteless vegetable.


Some of us can feel so deeply just by looking at a sunrise, just by waves of the beach, just by the night sky, just by shadows, at times even just by the very existence of everything around, it’s like we directly connect to the universe. The power of telepathy, deja-vu, intuitions and being able to reflect on the past, not just in the way of memory-retrieval but with feelings attached. Our thoughts are enough to trigger the feelings of love, friendship, courage, fear, excitement, compassion and so much more, all composed of different variations and combinations of a set of hormones, just like a big-bang (if it’s true). All this within us is as deep to understand as vast is the universe.

And it’s definitely not just the outer universe to find a connection to, there’s so much tinier and the invisible reality that behaves in the exact same way, the atoms are the best example.

Just for a second consider the structure of an atom, electrons and protons revolve around a nucleus, the atom with more electrons gives the extra ones to the atoms which have less electrons, and thus every chemical reaction that ever takes place, EVER (inside our body, outside our body), has only ONE purpose, to maintain BALANCE. Recall the Chinese ‘Yin & Yang’ here, equally good, equally bad, with the good in bad and the bad in good (this good and bad includes all kinds of metaphors you can think of). That is exactly what life is!


These atoms are the foundation of everything. The way they work reflects on how we work, how the universe works.


The comparison can be drawn endlessly, in ways that are parallel and concentric. It’s the same pattern that goes on and on from the tiniest to the largest.

Isn’t that the biggest of coincidence of universe, maybe this is a trivial sentence.

Isn’t that the greatest reality of existence?

Or is this all just an illusion?



Himanshi Siwach

Himanshi is a fan of art and creativity of every kind and appreciates it with gratitude. A huge Music fanatic. Philosophical and introspective. Holds the belief of learning through life and spreading the lessons.
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