Science and Mystery

  • Best Plastic Surgeon in India

    Best Plastic Surgeon in India You Might Want to Know About

    Best Plastic Surgeon in India: Defined as “the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons,” plastic surgery has gained immense popularity among the people both for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. The medical fraternity of India is known for its renowned specialists and super…

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  • Solar System Origin- Still A Mystery?

    Who we are ? Where did we come from ? How it all started and why? Origin of Solar System may give most appropriate answers to these questions. From Encounter Hypothesis to Nebular Hypothesis to Protoplanet Hypothesis, the understanding of planets’ origin has been different. Encounter Hypothesis is very simple in terms of explanation. A rouge star passing close to…

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  • super powers

    5 Human Super Powers We Didn’t Know We Have

    Would not it be awesome if we could able to climb the skyscrapers like Spider-Man and fly high like Superman or possess powers like Iron Man? Everyone wishes to be one of them. Well, we do have some super powers that we didn’t know we have. What ? Yes, but to a different degree. We do have pretty remarkable powers…

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  • universe

    Universe and Us

    Ever wondered, if there is a connection between the universe and us? No, I’m not talking about astrology here. Just a parallelism, the so many similarities in the way we and the universe behave. It’s like we can simply look at us and at each other and learn about the things out there or we can look outside and learn…

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  • 10 Nightmares and their Meanings

    Nightmares happen to almost everyone. Everyone has certainly had that dreaded experience. Nightmares are random and sometimes don’t have deep interpretations. But there are a few nightmares that are generally experienced. These can be interpreted and related to things happening or have happened in your personal life. Here they are: Natural disaster: Have you dreamt of experiencing an earthquake or…

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  • 10 of History’s Mysteries

    Many strange occurrences have happened throughout the course of man’s existence on this planet. Mysteries that have tried to be solved by some of the best scholars and historians for centuries. Some are ancient, some are current, but these next 10 mysteries will likely never be explained. The assassination of John F. Kennedy JFK, was an American politician who served…

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  • Six Mind Blowing Things Around The Earth

    We define reality the way we usually see things. A green sky would be ‘unreal’ since the sky is not usually green (although on occasional sunrises it has a few shades). But how many times have we often wondered how would it be to find yourself in a world of fantasy? And some of us may still have this inquisitiveness…

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  • 5 Amazing Things About Time and Time Travel 

     “I don’t have time” or “I need some time to finish this” or “Time heals everything” are some of the common statements we hear in our lives. And we also do what is common: hear them, understand them and then forget them. But sometimes, we may ponder on what this time really is, is the ticking of the clock all…

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  • 8 Facts About Global Warming That Should Get You Hot

    Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. Some people believe global warming is a myth designed to shut down big corporations. However, there is ever-increasing statistics that prove that our planet is gradually…

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  • mysterious structures

    7 Mysterious Structures

    Why do humans construct things, then mysteriously walk away from them as if they never existed? Financial, societal, or the presence of something we can’t explain, all are reasons that attribute to the demise of these 7 mysterious structures. Check them out. 1) San Zhi City, UFO Pods, Taiwan Taiwan’s other-worldly “ruins of the future” are a set of pod-like buildings…

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  • nettle-plant-medicines

    3 Miraculous Plants Used in Medicine

    In the attempt to keep a cautious distance away from pills and other medical products, some rely on Nature’s shoulder when it comes to treating a mild health problem. Alternative medicine is not a new trend, as people have used plants in healing illnesses and wounds for centuries. Here are some of the plants that we are grateful for: Sage…

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  • 5 Concerns About CERN

    Sitting astride the Franco-Swiss border, near Geneva, sits the CERN laboratory. It was founded in 1954 as one of Europe’s first joint ventures, ratified by 12 Western European nations, and now has 21 additional member states. source CERN stands for, “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire.”  Translated, this means The European Organization for Nuclear Research. They operate the largest particle physics…

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  • Dancing Light of Aurora

    Dancing Light of Aurora: The Illuminated World

    Our universe is full of mysterious nature’s exhibit. One of the natural phenomenons is the dancing light of Aurora. It is named after the Roman Goddess of dawn. They are visible in the high latitude of Arctic and Antarctic region. When these lights show up they illuminate the whole night sky. Different shades of color such as red, blue, yellow,…

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  • Bimini road

    The Bimini Road.

    Some discoveries shed some light on the events of the past, while some others have left scientists scratching their heads about new questions pertaining to human history and mankind. The mystery of The Bimini Road belongs to the latter category. In September 1968, while diving in three fathoms (5.5 meters) of water off the northwest coast of North Bimini island,…

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  • Tamam Shud

    The Tamam Shud Mystery

    Considered to be one of Australia’s most profound mysteries, the Tamam Shud Case revolves around an unidentified man found dead on 1st December 1948 on Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. Six weeks later, a suitcase apparently containing the same man’s property was retrieved from Adelaide Railway Station’s cloakroom, where it had been deposited at around 11 A.M. the day before…

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  • lerina garcia

    The Mysterious Tale of Lerina Garcia

    July 2008. Lerina Garcia, a well-educated 41-year-old woman, woke up as she did daily at 8 A.M in what seemed to be like a normal morning.  However, as she went on with her normal routine, she claims she found small details that seemed peculiar. Her bed sheets and pajamas were different from what she remembered wearing to bed. Brushing off this…

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  • Taured

    The Mystery Man from the country Taured

    It was a busy and humid day at the Tokyo airport one day in 1954. Those passengers who had just deplaned stood in a quiet queue, waiting for the customs agents to review and properly stamp their passports. As the swarms of travelers spilled out from the terminals, one traveler, a tall strange man, stood separated from the rest. THE ARRIVAL The man…

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  • DMT

    DMT – A gateway to the parallel universe?

    Dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT, is an illegal psychedelic drug you’ve probably never heard of that is produced by your own body. DMT is created by mixing an enzyme with an amino acid, the latter of which is found in many forms of organic life. It can be smoked, drunk or even injected and produces a powerful hallucinatory experience. Users say you…

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  • Sleep Paralysis

    Uncovering Sleep Paralysis

    Have you ever had the feeling of being unable to breathe a few minutes into your sleep, that someone is crushing your chest and squeezing the last drops of life out of you and that your whole body stiffens so you cannot move an inch? This phenomenon is termed as ‘Sleep Paralysis‘ and although around 50% of the people have experienced it, they…

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