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10 Nightmares and their Meanings

Nightmares happen to almost everyone. Everyone has certainly had that dreaded experience. Nightmares are random and sometimes don’t have deep interpretations. But there are a few nightmares that are generally experienced. These can be interpreted and related to things happening or have happened in your personal life. Here they are:

Natural disaster:

Have you dreamt of experiencing an earthquake or being in a hurricane? Did that nightmare seem like the movie 2012? Well, if you had one, this means you have anxiety about the daily things of your life. It may be the appointment you have to attend the next day or something in your relationship.

Seeing the dead:

Well, needless to say, this is one of the worst nightmares. I can’t even dream with my open eyes thinking of it (LOL). Well, if your dreams fall into this category, this means you have problems letting go people. Maybe you are struggling to cope up with a recent death in your family. People with the terminal illness also see such dreams.


You might have seen yourself falling from a building or a mountain cliff. Well, it’s certainly a bad experience. If you see this dream, it means there are situations in your life which you are not able to control. Be it your finances, career, personal life or love life, there is something you can’t control. It denotes a lack of power or freedom (or both).

Getting injured:

So, last night you had a bad car accident and you struggled a lot in the hospital. If you see these kinds of dreams, it indicates powerlessness. You are weak/powerless/vulnerable to something in your life. Try to find these weaknesses and improve on them. These dreams would certainly stop.


Well, claustrophobic anxiety it is. A kind of anxiety where the person feels like he is trapped in a small space. It can be because in your life there is something bad. It can be anything like your relationship or financial status and you are unable to come out of it. You are “trapped”.


If you are getting these kinds of dreams where you are naked in public and people are laughing at you, this is related to your self-image issue. You might fear what people think of you. You might be suffering from low self-esteem and self-image issues.


In the dream, the person feels s that his teeth are coming out of his mouth. This also represents you have issues with your self-image. You fear what people would say about your physical appearance.

Partner leaving:

You can easily guess why you get this dream. Yes, it is because of the insecurity of your relationship. You fear that your better half would leave you and you might end up being alone. You need to sort out your issues!

Missing important events:

These are common among people living high-pressured fast-paced life. It can happen to anyone, though. People dream of missing any important event, meeting or their own marriage. This indicates that you are afraid that you would not be able to match the high expectations people have on you.

Being attacked/chased:

One of the most common dreams. In this dream, you are attacked or chased by either an animal or people with guns/knives or paranormal creatures. This indicates that you fear confrontation. Be it your horrible boss or unromantic lover or abusive parents/relatives. You just can’t confront and the best strategy you could think of is run away from the situation. Hence the dream. You can manifest your actions in your dream and try to improve your actions in real life. Like if you are hiding somewhere in your dream, you certainly are doing the same in your real life as well. You can improve your actions and stop getting these dreams.
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