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Dancing Light of Aurora: The Illuminated World

Our universe is full of mysterious nature’s exhibit. One of the natural phenomenons is the dancing light of Aurora. It is named after the Roman Goddess of dawn. They are visible in the high latitude of Arctic and Antarctic region. When these lights show up they illuminate the whole night sky. Different shades of color such as red, blue, yellow, violet, green, pink emerged by Aurora. Out of which pale green is the most common. These lights appear in the form of scattered clouds, waves or rippling curtains or arcs which glow up the sky.


Dancing Light of Aurora
Dancing Light of Aurora

In the Northern hemisphere it is known as Aurora Borealis, which means Dawn of North. It is commonly known as Northern lights. The best viewing sites are from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Northern Canada, Scotland, Iceland, Alaska and Greenland. Because of the Northern lights, these places have become famous and provide excellent accommodation and holiday packages to travelers who want to experience this wonderful nature’s phenomenon. People all over the world fly to these places during winter. These countries provide exclusive range of holiday packages to the travelers.

The southern counterpart of Aurora Borealis also exists as Aurora Australis, means Dawn of South. It is also known as Southern lights. These can be largely viewed at southern latitude in Antarctica and a glimpse of Aurora can be seen in the areas of Australia and New Zealand.


Dancing Light of Aurora
Dancing Light of Aurora

The region which shows the Aurora is known as auroral oval. Aurora is visible at the radius of 2500 km from the magnetic poles forming a ring shaped region. The Aurora light extends from 80 km to more than 600 km above the sea level.

The origin of Aurora is still unknown. But scientists have discovered that the basic reason is the collision between the electrons of solar winds with the gaseous particles of Earth’s atmosphere, which lights up the sky. The varying color depends on the gaseous particles collided with. The most common pale-green color appears from oxygen, red is from oxygen and nitrogen, blue from nitrogen.

Dancing Light of Aurora
Dancing Light of Aurora

Not only has our planet showed up Aurora, but also astronauts have found similar patterns of lights on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, as the magnetic fields are stronger in these planets.

In medieval Europe, it was believed that Aurora is the sign of God, and they named this phenomenon as “Dancing of Spirit”. According to Roman mythology, it resembles the arrival of sun, as the goddess is renewing herself. Some also believes that these lights are the spirits of their people.

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