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5 Human Super Powers We Didn’t Know We Have

Would not it be awesome if we could able to climb the skyscrapers like Spider-Man and fly high like Superman or possess powers like Iron Man? Everyone wishes to be one of them. Well, we do have some super powers that we didn’t know we have. What ? Yes, but to a different degree. We do have pretty remarkable powers which are being overlooked every day. Check out five human qualities which are not less than super powers.

Super Vision


You might not know that, but we humans have the ability to look back in the past, even if we have 100/100 vision. When you look at the night sky, you are technically looking back in time. As the distance in space is so extensive, light takes a lot of time travel anywhere. Fo example, Alpha Centauri, the closest star to the solar system is 4.37 light years away. The light produced from it actually came out in 2012, which is reaching us now.

2. Healing Power


When we were in the womb of our mother, we think that we troubled her all time kicking and moving inside. But being the womb a baby has the power to heal her mom. Yes, the stem cells in foetuses help her recover from any organ damage.

3. Super Endurance


We see some people who seemingly run for very long. Of course, training plays a crucial role. But have you ever noticed the times when people are able to push themselves even if they are physically not able to continue ?  It is because of endorphins, which eliminate the pain sensation. It is often called ‘Runner’s High’. Listening to music or working with your partner spike endorphins which give you a superpower boost.

4. Clairsentience


It is not as familiar like the other senses of our body. It is a feeling which people often laugh off at and don’t understand its use. It is a condition where one can feel good and bad or even the past and present. For example, when we go in a certain place we feel bad for no apparent reason or the people we meet. Now got it ?

5. Lie Detection


Well, when it comes to detecting lies, parents and lie-detectors are the most powerful tools. They are pretty good at that. Without knowing it consciously you can predict if someone is lying to you or not. By looking at the person’s smile, our mind can decode whether it is a fake grin or a real one. Our brain has the ability to decide whether the person is fake or genuine.

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