Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys! Really?

Whenever we have to buy something for a girl, we buy pink and whenever we have to buy something for a boy, we prefer blue because we all know that girls enjoy pink bliss while boys enjoy blue euphoria. But is this actually the case?

Last weekend I went for shopping and I noticed that the tops I picked up for trial were mainly blue! And also, when I opened up my cupboard that day, blue was the king of the colors in my cupboard!
And then I decided to find out whether actually the accepted fact that color pink is for girls and blue is for guys holds true? Or there is no such thing?

This is what I found out…

The generally accepted rule is – Pink is for boys and blue is for girls!


Well, it changed in early 20th century that color started defining genders. Since pink is a stronger color, it was more suitable for a boy while blue being a delicate and dainty color, it made girls look prettier.

But as people evolved, pink was associated with girls because they used to find ripe fruits which were mainly in the shades of red. It was the culture that made women like more of pinks than blue. Although the shades of pink – coral pinks, fuschia, salmon; women naturally like them now, but it has never been their preference since birth!


Blue is the universal favorite color

Oh Yes! There have been many studies which prove is blue is always on the top of the mind of both men and women. Blue is the color of the empyrean which appeals to all! Also, if you want to relax, you should go with blue. Blue relaxes your mind.


The myth that revolves around that color discrimination, for pinks and blues is actually only a myth! No color actually defines the genders. It is the individual preferences after all!

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