10 Types of Oils Which are Good for Your Hair

Taking care of hair sometimes becomes tedious. It takes a lot of effort to keep your hair undamaged. You always dream of getting that perfect look but somehow in your daily world, you don’t get that. Even the salon magic stays for a while and then fades away! Here is a list of essential natural oils which you should include in your hair care regime:

Coconut oil:

Be it an oily or a dry scalp, coconut oil works for everything. It makes your hair thicker, and roots stronger. The wonder oil will make your hair shiny and healthy. It also helps in preventing dandruff. In case you want to try some hair products which have chances of damaging your hair, coconut oil is a must in your hair care regime. Try to use the extra virgin coconut oil for better results.


Almond oil:

Another “wonder oil” on the list is almond oil. Including this amazing oil can have many benefits to your hair. The vitamins present in the oil makes your hair shiny. The almond oil is very helpful in treating dandruff. The best part of using almond oil is that it repairs your split ends and strengthens the ends.


Castor oil:

The thick liquid protects your hair from damage and boosts hair growth. Castor oil is less known when it comes to hair care. But it is amazing oil. Because it is very thick, you should try to use it with some other thinner oils like almond oil or coconut oil.


Argan Oil:

You must have heard of it. It is sometimes referred as liquid gold or miracle oil. Well, it is! It repairs your hair, protects it from the sun and heat! It’s an all-rounder. It makes your hair softer, reduces the fizziness and reduces hair breakage. It makes your hair more manageable.

Olive Oil:

You must be wondering that it is used for cooking purposes and is healthy for your body and blah blah. Yes, it is. But, it is also helpful for your hair. Olive oil contains vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants. This helps your hair lock moisture. Olive oil keeps your hair hydrated. Hence, your hair looks a little more healthy and shiny. Also, it helps in preventing bacterial infections and improves blood circulation which promotes hair growth. Use the extra virgin version.


Tea tree oil:

Itchy scalp? Get tea tree oil. Add it to your shampoo or conditioner and its anti-bacterial property will reduce the itchiness of your scalp.

Amla oil:

The Indian Gooseberry Oil, it is. Well, it is great conditioner and helps in preventing dandruff. But, the best part is it solves the problem of hair greying. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, yes! Believe. Applying amla oil regularly helps in restoring the colour of your hair. No, no premature greying. All thanks to Amla oil (and me, of course)!

Avocado oil:

Avocado surely has many benefits for your body. Well, it also has benefits for your hair. Avocado contains proteins and vitamin A, B, D and E. These helps in keeping your hair moisturised for the day. It makes your hair stronger.

Rosemary oil:

Well, it’s a great cleanser. For thin and brittle hair, it is an amazing product. Use it with some other oil like olive oil.


Jojoba oil:

Well, you will fall in love with this one. Absolutely amazing oil that conditions and hydrates your hair. It also prevents dandruff. Jojoba oil is magical oil. It brings life back to your hair, literally!

Now that you have a fair understanding of different kinds of natural oils, try and include them in your hair care regime so that your hair look amazing and shiny always!

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