Deadpool 2’s Mind Blowing Post Credits Scene Finally Explained!!!

The sequel to 2016’s Deadpool is all set to be a blockbuster of epic proportions. The rumors surrounding this movie were humongous and so many. Most of them have been proved false but some of them have found their way back to the audience through the Big Screens. The Post Credits scene of Deadpool 2 was said to be the greatest Post Credits scene ever by the early viewers of the movie. It has been proven true. Deadpool 2’s End credits scene is exceptionally brilliant and mind-numbingly hilarious. But the fact is most of us didn’t get just how big the Post Credits scene actually was for the larger Deadpool franchise. Fear not, we are here. Deadpool 2’s Mindblowing Post Credits scene is now finally explained!!!

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SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Deadpool 2 up ahead….

Deadpool 2’s End Credits showed us Deadpool using Cable’s now repaired Time Machine, courtesy of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and traveling back to time for some ‘course correction.’ Deadpool travels back to a lot of events in the past, the first of which was traveling back to the day when Vanessa was killed and saving her, thus rendering any and all events that happened in Deadpool 2, moot. But Deadpool did not stop there. He travels much more through the time stream and makes sure he undoes some of his other mistakes. Let us talk about it in detail.

Deadpool travels back in time and makes the movie utterly pointless!!

The fact that it is Deadpool we are talking about is enough to explain why he did what he did. Apart from the strange way he greets Yukio and the way he treats Negasonic as some rejected sidekick, the banter between them while Negasonic tries to fix Cable’s Time Machine was pretty awesome. But it’s what happens next is what makes the scene even more fascinating. Deadpool travels back in time to save Vanessa, the very event that started the soul-searching journey of Deadpool in the movie, and even the powerless member of the X-Force, Peter. Peter died trying to save Zeitgeist, a fellow X-Force member, from a killer Wood Chipper (Don’t ask!!). So it is safe to say both are now alive.

Did Deadpool 2 even happen?

With Vanessa now out of harm’s way, Deadpool never had to join the X-Men, sent to the Ice Box and meet his best friend Cable. This means Deadpool 2 will never ever happen. Or is it? The post-credits scene could not be considered canon. Even if it does, we are forgetting one massive detail. Deadpool doesn’t just save Vanessa, he also saves Peter. This means that the X-Force recruitment drive was still in play, even after Vanessa didn’t die. This means Deadpool does meet cable later on. It all goes down to Fox’s notion of the time stream that Time is like a river and it will eventually set itself back on the right track.

Deadpool kills the X-Men Origins Deadpool

The Deadpool from the movie X-Men: Origins movie was a bastardized version of the fan favorite character that has grown to become the object of hate in several circles of the fan base. But it was only in 2016 that the real Deadpool came to the screens. The previous one was an abomination. So Deadpool decides to erase himself from the time stream as well. He goes back to the (now not canon) Origins timeline and repeatedly shoots the previous version of Deadpool as he tells Hugh Jackman that he is repairing the timeline of such mistakes. He then shoots the other Deadpool repeatedly as Jackman looks in awe.

Deadpool kills Ryan Reynolds before he agrees to play the live action Green Lantern

post credits scene

This one is a bit hilarious and a somewhat ‘had it coming’ moment. The Green Lantern movie from Warner Bros. Studios was a freaking disaster. Ryan Reynolds regrets to this day why he ever did take up that role. Deadpool 1 and 2 both have taken regular jabs at it. Deadpool 2 though has gone a bit further. In a peculiar case of breaking and entering the fourth wall, Deadpool travels back in time to the real world as shoots his own self before he has a chance to even read the Green Lantern script. Kudos Deadpool, Mah Man!!!

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