6 Most Anticipated Netflix Series to Binge-Watch in 2023

Netflix has already taken everyone under its wings with the fabulous Netflix Original TV Shows, Movies, and Series. Binge-watching the hot seasons and movies with any genre you like is a gift for Netflix users. 

You must know the globally famous Netflix seasons like La Casa de Papel, The Witcher, Stranger Things, and Squid Game. Apart from the previous series, Netflix is making more exciting shows, and we are not disappointed this year. 

It is still very early into the new year, but Netflix has already picked up its pace with many fantastic new shows. From thrilling new stories to fan favourites returning with exciting seasons, you will not be bored. 

Let me recommend some most anticipated Netflix Seasons you can Binge Watch this year:

Ginny & Georgia – Season 2

Woo-ho Ginny & Georgia are back with an even blasting season. After the first season in 2021 made a big hit, Netflix dropped the trailer for a return with season 2 that aired on Jan 5. You can anticipate an active life with infused comedy.

When Georgia Miller was desperate to put everything behind them and settle in New England with her two kids, Ginny Miller- an angsty 15-year-old, and Austin. 

It would be best if you buckled up for the roller coaster ride of challenges and new relationships both Ginny and Georgia had to face and the dread of their past catching up to them.


If you are looking for a unique and eerie show, Wednesday Addams can introduce you to her unwavering and stone-cold black and dark personality. Wednesday is different from normal humans and can not fit into any school, so her family sends her to Nevermore Academy.

In her bizarre boarding school, she uncovered the truth about herself and a murder case related to her family. Along the way, you will see how her dark personality changes as she becomes friends with a colorful and cheerful Enid Sinclair. 

Copenhagen Cowboy

A big surprise for thriller and action-loving people in 2023 is Copenhagen Cowboy. You can look forward to the exciting journey of Miu to find Rakel to seek her revenge. She works for an unknown organization.

She gets her revenge while digging up a criminal netherworld of Copenhagen through an odyssey- both natural and supernatural. You will enjoy her travel through time to her past life and discovering the truths about her relationship with Rakel.

Vikings: Valhalla – Season 2

Here it is, one of my favorite Netflix series that will be your favorite in no time after you start watching. It is an unending, breathtaking, thrilling sally, loved by so many people if its ratings are proof enough.

Viking – Valhalla is back with an even more adventurous season. You will see the epic life of the fearless trio Leif Eriksson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, and Harald Sigurdsson. Facing many challenges out of their comfort zones, Viking Valhalla will undoubtedly be a flux of emotions for you.

Lockwood & Co

Are you a fan of the detective series? If yes! Add this thrilling detective TV series, ‘Lockwood & Co,’ to your Netflix watch list. This TV show will entertain you with mysteries and horror encounters.

Two teenagers and a gifted girl started a company named Lockwood & Co for ghost hunting. In their journey, they will engage in dangerous combats with deadly spirits and unfold a mystery enough to change the course of the past.


If you have watched money heist, ‘Kaleidoscope’ will also be fascinating. Following a story of a skilled thief with his crew to attempt a heist worth 7 billion dollars, you will enjoy the greed, betrayals, and other threats in their plan to hit it big. 

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A Quick Review

Netflix is releasing trailers for many enthralling TV shows and seasons to binge-watch with popcorn in your lap on the weekend. You can try the most fans anticipated series this year, as I have mentioned earlier, or look for the ones that pique your interest. Try playing games along with your Netflix season hunt on top Canadian casinos to magnify the fun.

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