10 Marvel and DC Characters Who Became GODS

There are superheroes and then there are gods. The former are mortal beings but gods have limitless powers (although technically they can be killed). Superman has escaped death countless times but still, he is not considered to be “the God” in the pantheon of gods. Here’s a list of comic-book characters who were not born into godhood (Thor) but acquired the power of gods through incredible events.


In the Avengers: Infinity War, he would assemble the infinity gauntlet embedded with infinity stones which would make him one of the most powerful creature (like a God) in the entire MCU. Once heroes realize how to get rid of the cosmic cube, they will strip him off his status a god.

Jane Foster: 

In the recent Marvel comics, Jane Foster lifted Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and became the new ‘Thor’.

Dr. Manhattan:

He recently became part of the DC universe. Due to a mishap in the experiment, he became impervious to death (like Gods). He could clone himself and grow to enormous heights.

The Flash:

In the comics, he gained control of title of God of Death which Black Racer had it, he could defy time-space continuum, now he can even control death.

Dark Seid:

In the New 52, he acquired the powers of gods of Apokolips after killing them one by one when they were vulnerable.


He hangs around with gods, but he once usurped the God of Knowledge (Metron) and takes the title to himself, sat on his chair and validated two major mysteries, firstly it was Joe Chill who killed his parents and secondly the true identity of the Joker which revealed that there is one more than one Joker.


In the aftermath of the death of Dark Seid, he also gained insane powers and became “God of Gods” as he attained a whole new pantheon of gods.

Jean Grey:

In the Dark Phoenix storyline, the actual Jean transformed into a cosmic god while her clone died a horrible death.

Dr. Doom:

He claimed the powers of “The Beyonders” and for a brief time, he was the undisputed leader of the world.

Lex Luthor: 

godsHe became the “God of Apokolips” after Dark Seid’s death, and suddenly he was an equal to his enemy Superman.

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