8 Most Shocking Betrayals From The Game Of Thrones

There are a lot of treacherous things that Game of Thrones has given to the screen. Some of them might be deaths or beheadings, but the show sure is best at Betrayals. Here is a list of the best betrayals from the show:

Shae Betrays Tyrion

Tyrion truly is a wise character. No, we are not saying this because of his words and counsel, this is being said seeing the number of ordeals and deceits the little imp has faced. Never loved by his father, hated by his sister, never given what he was truly worthy of, despised by the very people he protected, Tyrion had it all when even the woman he loved betrayed her. At the time of his trial, She comes in as a witness and makes up stories in order to prove him guilty. What happens next is even worse, she is found in Tywin Lannister’s bed. This one truly had Tyrion broken.

Ramsay Betrays Theon Greyjoy

After Ramsay supposedly saved Theon Greyjoy’s life every moment Theon must have thought of dying. After saving him, Ramsay takes him in and brutally tortures him, so much so that the would be ‘Lord’ of the Iron Islands completely loses his identity and becomes ‘Reek’. Cutting off Theon’s ‘sausage’ was just one amongst the many mental and physical pain that Ramsay causes him.

Shireen Baratheon Betrayed By Her Parents

Shireen Baratheon’s death was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the Game of Thrones series. In order for Stannis to march on Winterfell and take over the North by defeating the Boltons who were then in charge of the north, the Red Priestess asks for the sacrifice of someone with Royal Blood in their veins. With Gendry escaped, the only available option is Shireen, Stannis’s own daughter. She is set on fire alive. Even this though, doesn’t help Stannis take the North. This scene too makes people question if the show went too far.

Ramsay Betrays Roose Bolton

As soon as it’s a boy that is been birthed by Lady Bolton, the newly made legitimate son of Roose Bolton, fearing the future, kills his father, Roose Bolton, in order to ‘secure’ his future. He doesn’t stop just there. So that his right to the Bolton name is not questioned in future, he kills his stepmother and her newborn child. He doesn’t stab or poison them. Oh no, that would just be too kind for Ramsay. He feeds them alive to his hounds. This, and many more scenes where Ramsay feeds people to his hounds are too much for some people to take in.

Cersei Betrayed By the High Sparrow

Cersei Lannister has been a total “bitch” on the show since the moment it began. People have wanted something bad to happen to her throughout the show. People finally got satisfied when Cersei was taken under arrest by the High Sparrow and was then tortured and even had to make a walk of atonement ‘naked’ as her punishment. It was she who gave the Faith Militants the power they used to torment her.

Ned Stark Betrayed By Littlefinger

Well, this might be one of the first betrayals in the show. It was Littlefinger who betrayed the Hand of the King, Lord Eddard Stark when he told him that the whole City Watch was with him. The sound of this betrayal can still be heard echoing in the events of season 7. While putting a knife to Ned’s throat he says from behind, “I told you not to trust me”.

Jon Snow Betrayed By His Brothers

No, we are not talking about Bran or Rickon, neither are we mentioning Theon here. Jon was betrayed by his brothers of the Night’s Watch. After he allows the Wildling to come to the other side of the Wall, his brothers aren’t very pleased with him, and well, they stab him, multiple times. “For the watch”. It is Ollie who stabs him the last. Who Jon had brought in and had made his Squire.

Rob Betrayed By the Freys and Boltons

Game of Thrones

This has to be the worst betrayal in the history of television. Rob Stark when married Talisa instead of Walder Frey’s daughter, he didn’t take it well and well, killed everyone of the Stark Bannermen. And who can forget, “the Lannister sent their regards”. Rob, Talisa, Catylen, their entire commanders, the child in  Talisa’s womb, every one of them died, except Catylen’s brother, who got married but not laid that night.

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