5 EPIC Superhero Team-Ups From Marvel And DC Universe

Superheroes, when come together to defeat some evil monster are a really good treat. So much so that some superheroes are known because of the other, such as Robin and Batman. Here are some of the greatest superhero team-ups that ever existed in Marvel and DC comics.

Captain America and Falcon

Undoubtedly one of the best superhero duo, Cap, and Sam when team up together are a sight to watch. This duo was loved so much that the Captain America comics were renamed to ‘Captain America and the Falcon’ from 1971-78. In 2004 too, this duo came back together but just for 14 issues.

Batman and Nightwing


After leaving the shadow of Batman, Dick Grayson goes on to be Nightwing, and when he returns to Gotham, he’s a totally new person. He again is with Batman but not his sidekick anymore, he’s very much of a partner to him, even defying him on several occasions.

Deadpool and Cable

Both these anti-heroes fight crime in their amazingly murderous style. When they team up together, they sure are going to cause a lot of causalities. With Deadpool’s fun way of killing and careless attitude and Cable’s colossal size, this team sure has a lot of fun while on the job. Cable is said to be in Deadpool 2 too.

Rocket and Groot

This team has pretty much been together throughout their history. Not only is this team lived, but also has an amazing chemistry, considering one of them can only speak one sentence. Though their relationship changes a lot due to Groot’s habit of dying and becoming tiny.

Deadpool and Spider-Man

superhero team-ups
Best Superhero Team-Ups

When we’re talking about funny team-ups, these two are way ahead of anyone else. Two superheroes, who completely love talking trash and make jokes, even while in action. So in any issue, where is the duo of never ending bromance is there, one sure knows that they’re in for hell of a ride.

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