Get Ready to Witness Five Types of Brides this Wedding Season

With the upcoming wedding season ahead, there is a lot shopping going on everywhere. The wedding couple must have registered at a gym to be in proper shape on their D-day. The would-be-brides are heading for parlour session before their wedding month. The bridegrooms are gearing up to flaunt their abs in their most awaited bachelor’s party. The cousins are rushing from shop to shop on weekends, to look the best on the wedding day. The besties are planning way too much, staying awake after a hectic day and listening to the brides pimple hacks or the in-law feuds. The world has transformed, we are living in the 21st century. Here, everything has changed the way education is imparted to the masses, the way people are connecting on social network and losing real life conversations. And yes, of course the wedding has also seen a transformation. Earlier, the family members planned the décor, food and function for the wedding. Today, we have wedding planners checking the last minute decoration. We have the choreographers for sangeet ceremony, rather than the aunties of the house dancing weirdly. We have DJ music for the mehendi saga, earlier we had dholak beats swaying the crowd. The stars of the wedding saga- bride and bridegroom have also transformed. Brides have always been special part of the wedding. Everyone is interested about the lehenga, the bride has finalised. Everyone is interested in the skin regime, the bride is following. Everyone wants the bride to look sensational on stage. In the modern era, every one of us might have an encounter with the following types of brides in the upcoming wedding season.

Guest Bride


You might be wondering what’s with the guest bride caption. The work cultures that we are into people don’t get enough leaves to enjoy their own wedding. Today, the bride doesn’t get the privilege of a month long leave to attend her own wedding. The guests start over populating the wedding house, even before the bride. The guests rush to the station or airport to bring home the would-be-bride. The would-be-bride walks in the capris on the platform, rather than serving chai and biscuits to the guest.

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Bhukhaad Bride (Hungry forever)


It is always said that “Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored”. The wedding season might be interesting and funny filled for the uncle who just came to sleep on the couch. It might be saucy for the aunty who came to attend gossip sessions all day long. It is fun filled for the cousins who can play endlessly in the shamiyaans. But, it’s boring for the bride to sit through the ceremonies all day long. After the ceremony, you might see the bride’s room filled with tasty dishes. Yes, you might also see the little kids rushing with packets of Kurkure, Lays, chocolates and cold drink bottles towards the bride’s room. You might wonder what’s happening behind the closed doors of the bride’s room. It is the most happening party occurring inside, peep in and watch out for the bhukhaad bride.

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Swaag wali Bride


The mehendi ceremony would witness the bride with a modern twist. You might encounter the bride wearing quirky top, funky palazzos topped with sunglasses on her mehendi shagun night. Or you might encounter the bride wearing crop top and shimmery long skirt. The relatives might start the gossip after seeing the navel piercing of the bride. Yes, in this 21st century the crowd would dance on the beat of “Banno tera swagger lage sexy”.

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Selfie wali Bride


The smartphones have started a new trend called the selfie trend. People are going crazy for selfie all over the world. The wedding season suffer with the selfie fever. The aunties loaded with gold are spotted taking selfie while having pani puris. The besties would be spotted crowding the stage clicking endless selfies. Yes, of course you see a crazy… Oh!!! Wait… Selfie crazy bride would be the most annoying person for the professional event photographer. Instead of posing for the photographer, the bride asks her cousin to hold the selfie stick to click the haldi smeared faces. During the sangeet ceremony, the bride would be sweating out and still pose for a selfie. Selfie fever of the bride would be trending this wedding season.

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Tattoo wali Bride


To get inked has been a life event on the social networking site- Facebook. You see people getting inked every now and then. Did you ever imagine meeting a bride with a tattoo? In this modern era, you might meet the tattoo wali bride. During the haldi ceremony, you could see the music notes inked on the bride’s leg sprawling out to be smeared in haldi. The bride wearing her crop top for the mehendi saga, you could see the inked name of the groom on her arm. The bride wearing the heavy lehenga, you can see a butterfly on her shoulder peeping through her net dupatta. During the cocktail party, you could witness the tattoo “Patakha” on the bride’s back.

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Get ready to witness the modern brides this wedding season

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