7 Scenes Taken Straight From The Comics

Fans sure love it, when they see a great scene in the comics. But they go completely crazy when they are watching a superhero flick and that scene comes live on their screens. Here is a list of some such scenes that were taken straight from the comics:

Ant-Man on Hawkeye’s Arrow

Yeah, you all saw this one coming, it is Ant-Man and Hawkeye’s scene where Ant-Man is in his miniature form and is sitting on Hawkeye’s arrow. This is taken out straight from the cover of The Avengers #223, in the film both are on Cap’s side and Ant-Man uses this technique to get into Tony’s armor.

The Avengers’ Masks

This here is a funny one. Taken straight out of Ultimate Spider-Man issue 42, the scene where the robbers in the ATM are wearing Avengers’ masks gave us some good laughs both in the comics and in the film as well. Hulk sure gave it away!!

Cap Stopping Stark’s Attack With Shield

This one is one of the best moments that we could have got on the big screen. The iconic moment where Cap stops the blasts from Tony’s repulsors is probably the best moment from the Civil War flick, taken right from the books.

If This Be My Destiny


This scene from the Spider-Man: Homecoming flick where Petes is stuck under the ruubble and trying real hard to get out of it is from a 1965 story named’ If This Be My Destiny’. “I must be worthy of that strength — or else, I don’t deserve it!”

Rhodey’s Fall

Rhodey’s injuries is the worst thing that people saw in Captain America: Civil War. The good friend of Iron Man was seriously wounded in the battle, with his legs almost have completely gone.

Who The Hell Is Bucky

Ooh!! This is a real good one. The scene where we all saw the Winter Soldier’s mask get off, only to see that he is actually Bucky Barnes is taken straight from the comics. The dialogue too is the exact same.

Cap Punching Hitler

It might not be such a big thing today, but when in 1941, the comic was published, people went crazy to see Captain America punching Hitler in the face. The scene was used in the film Captain America: The First Avenger.

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