Five Things That Happen Only When You’re With Your Crush

All of us might have crushes, or had at some point in our lives. Some turn out to be girlfriends/boyfriends, some husbands/wives and some simply crushes until they become just a memory. And some even become really good friends after the ‘crush’ feeling is gone. Some people claim that having a crush is better than having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, since “you don’t have to face any problem, you just look at them and smile like an idiot”. Some people think otherwise. But regardless, having a crush gives a different feeling, the inception of a romantic seed sprouting from the depths of your heart. And it also brings some amazing experiences, a source of a good laugh during the future. Here are some of these experiences, which you’ll probably experience only when you’re with your crush.

An escape from the awkward silence:

Sitting in silence, on a romantic spot cuddling with your ‘in a relationship’ companion is a different matter, but when it comes to crushes, silences are usually awkward. So most people usually devise a plan to escape this awkward silence- by planning the conversation beforehand. That is the time when probably our creative juices flow at their maximum speed, and the conversations imagined would be consummate, some so good that it could win a Nobel Prize for “The Best Imagined Conversation”, if there was something like that.
But, the reality is never as good as the fantasy. And so, our crush does not follow up with our plan, and in the end, the outcome becomes what we had despised- an awkward silence.
Example (assuming that the person ‘crushed’ is a guy), I’ll say “You look pretty today.” Then she’ll say, “Thank you” and blush. And to cover up the awkward moment, I’ll say, “You know so-and-so song (knowing that it is her favorite)?” “Yes.” “The lyrics, how they describe the guy’s lover, you are looking like that.” But in reality, “You look pretty today.” She frowns, “You’re lying. My mom forced me to wear this. And this hair, it’s not even straightened properly. I feel so ugly.” An awkward silence.

Flirting and gawky sentences:

Flirting is an essential part of being with a crush, and that’s what makes it the most interesting. If the flirt element is lost, then both of us soon begin to lose interest. Flirting also makes us more witty and glib at speech, and makes the other person significantly more attentive. But sometimes, we lose our dexterity and end up making gawky, or sometimes, gauche remarks.
Example, you are talking with your crush and suddenly you say, “Does your armpit smell?” Then you realize, “Oh my God! What the hell did I say?”
Unless you make a really quick, adroit comeback, you’re, well… probably done.

Daydreaming and Staring:

Sometimes, we are so much engrossed in our fantasies that we soon become oblivious to where we are, what’s going around and even to what our crush is saying. We simply stare at them, as if he/she is the last thing we’ll see before leaving this life. And while we are fantasizing on a wonderful love story or a romantic date with the person who is actually right in front of us, the person is feeling uncomfortable, and might want to leave the conversation. This usually happens when you’re talking with the person for a long time, so that you are seemingly comfortable to just listen and smile. But imagine, a person simply looking at you and smiling for a long time with no apparent reason. Creepy, isn’t it?


The element of nervousness is almost always present when you’re with your crush, or what people figuratively describe as “Butterflies in your stomach.” The increased heartbeat with the sudden flow of adrenaline is what makes us excited. Yes, nervousness not only happens while speaking with a crush. But, every kind of adrenaline-rushing situation presents with itself a different kind of nervousness. And the nervousness you get with a crush is very different from a different situation, say, public speaking. It’s like the places Shimla and Darjeeling. Both are hill stations, with similar structures, but both places have their own uniqueness, their own ‘feel’.
But this nervousness mostly makes us over excited. Example, “What do you want to eat?” And you say, “Chocolate cake. No, vanilla. But that dark forest also looks good. What should I eat? Even those patties look yummy.” (While smiling awkwardly at everyone).

A day made wonderful:

Despite all the awkwardness and occasional embarrassments, we still admire members of the opposite sex, and take them as our crushes. Why? Because there is fun in the chase. A smile or a “Hi” from your crush can make your day wonderful. And a good conversation with your crush will make you exuberant and active for the whole day. Granted, the same can happen when your ‘in a relationship’ partner or spouse does the same, but then wonders are different. As George R R Martin says, “There is a difference between winning a kingdom and ruling one.” Both are fun (probably) but they are different. Chasing a crush can be more attributed to “winning a kingdom”. The wonder and joy you get in talking with your crush is simply invaluable for us to let go making new crushes every now and then.

Adarsh Gautam

Adarsh Gautam is a student of Shri Ram College Of Commerce, University of Delhi. Hailing from the northeastern state of Sikkim, he has a keen interest in music and literature. He plays the bass guitar as his primary instrument. With a hobby for writing, he constantly writes various short stories and articles, and some have been featured in SRCC's Fine Arts Society's blog and English Literary Society's blog. Loves reading and travelling, keeping music as his constant companion. And, is a "Game Of Thrones" fanatic when it comes to entertainment. Also interested in psychology, astro-physics and anime.
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