Justice League Star Says He Won’t Work Under Current DC Films Head

Justice League Star Won’t Work Under Current DC Films: 

The current state of the DC Extended Universe is in complete shambles. The series started off with a bang with The Man of Steel. But soon the entire thing came to a standstill with failures like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and suicide squad. Even though the first Wonder Woman movie was a step in the right direction it seems that another thing to go down with 2020 will be the dreams of an extended movie universe in which DC releases good movies. The new WW84 has largely been shunned by the fans as being the repeated formulae and bad practice in moviemaking.

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The fans now want something new and exciting and complex not the simple structures of the old days. In their bout to rid themselves of toxic repetition, the fandom has now taken a more pragmatic approach towards the DCEU as a whole and decided to judge it on its merits. Since the movie franchise has none at this point, I would say that the Warner Brothers are in some deep water.

Things took a sour turn for Warner Brothers and DC films from the moment Zack Snyder was pushed out of the creative process of Justice League. When the reins were handed over to Josh Whedon the fans expected that he would breathe new life into the franchise by making it more about the heroes and their struggles. But all the big-name directors failed when it came to making a good movie or keeping their actors happy. Recently, Ray fisher aka the Cyborg requested that a probe be done into the production and reshoot of the Justice League.

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Ray claimed in his complaint that the director was exceptionally rude during the reshoots and constantly abused the actor. It was a harrowing experience to be sure and one that DC films decided to take seriously. The actor was hopeful for a long time but after the recent conclusions and subsequent blowback by Ray Fisher, it seems that things are less than merry and there is some trouble in paradise. Take a look at this tweet.

The mention here is Walter Hamada, the current head at DC films. Ray accuses him and his lackeys at DC films of trying to enable the director and his abusive behavior m he also accuses the corporate giant of trying to defraud the investigation. It seems that after such a harrowing journey the young star has decided to walk away from any project which is credited to Hamada. Fortunately, right now the only two movies of Fisher in the DCEU are Cyborg and The Flash, none of which are being credited to Hamada. It is highly likely that Ray’s anger will not be satiated by mere revolt.

He wants to hold people accountable for their actions. Just like the fans weren’t to hold the executives accountable for their lax attitude with the sorry. It is important that people at DC films understand that superhero movies are not made with a script or good actors it is made with love and proper care. When you don’t treat your employees well, it should come as no surprise that what they give back to you is a less than optimal result. The people at DCEU seem to ignore the human factor of moviemaking. They want to make a lot of money just by copying what Marvel has done.

But they forget that Marvel did it in over a decade slowly building up to the big things. The DC films people want to start big but they can’t because they have not earned it yet. No matter how much we love Batman from the Dark Knight Trilogy it will still take us time to get warm to Ben Affleck in the suit and even more so to be attached enough to mourn his death.

It is important to earn the faith of your actors and your audience alike only then can you succeed in the entertainment industry. The robots at Warner Bros seem to have forgotten that. Who do you support? Do you think Ray fisher is justified in taking this stand or is he overreacting? Tell us in the comments below.

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