Procrastinators Unite! 6 Ways We Procrastinate

A scenario we’re all familiar with : a looming deadline, trying to finish six weeks worth of work in two hours with sweaty fingers and guilty promises to ourselves, avowing that come what may, next time we shall not procrastinate. Procrastination is the most effective form of escapism, and somehow we manage to convince ourselves that whatever activity we’re taking up is essential, and just five minutes certainly can’t hurt. And then, before we know it, the day has ended, and we’re tumbling down an Internet rabbit hole. From the productive things we do to procrastinate to the plain weird ones, we’ve listed a few down.



  1. Suddenly, we develop an intense urge to clean. The pile of clothes lying on the chair, the messy desk, the wrappers strewn around everywhere may not have bothered us one bit, but now we positively cannot begin studying unless every speck of dust has been cleared from the room, our clothes are arranged by colour, and our books lined up by height.



  1. The urge to clean spills on to the immediate need to take an hour long shower. We cite our mother’s teachings as a reason : didn’t they tell us to take a bath every morning, no matter what? We’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated, we think. And then we spend an hour in the shower, reading the names of the ingredients on the shampoo bottle, because yes, we’re that desperate to hide from our looming deadline.



  1. We decide that we really must eat, and we can definitely start studying once we’ve fixed ourselves a nice cup of tea, and maybe some almonds that are said to improve memory, and a bit of Maggi wouldn’t hurt, would it? Before we know it, we’ve ransacked the kitchen, and now feel both uncomfortably full and uncomfortable off-schedule




  1. There are dozens of messages we haven’t replied to, and so many people we must call back when we’re free. Unfortunately, “when we’re free” seems to translate to “right before the exam/deadline/important work thing,” and what starts out as a reply to an old friend on Whatsapp ends with a two-hour long Skype session with your aunt’s friend’s newborn baby, as you slowly question all the decisions that brought you here.



  1. The strangest of Youtube videos seem to present themselves to us the minute we decide to be productive. We’ve all felt that helplessness when a five minute break becomes three hours of watching rabbits dance to guitar music, and that feeling of simultaenously being the strangest and most unproductive member of this planet.



  1. Just one more episode. We’re all acquainted with this phrase. This phrase is a lie. You think just one more episode of Suits will motivate you, but before you know it, you’re rewatching the whole thing and crying about why Harvey and Donna are so perfect for each other.




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